Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Meddler... 10 months old today. And please know that I call him that with every bit of love and adoration you can possibly have for your child. :) He truly is the most curious little thing I have ever seen, and is as fast as lightning. He is obsessed with getting into my kitchen cabinets, and will do whatever he has to do to get there and completely tear things up. It's hard to believe, but it took this third little one to make me have to truly babyproof my house~ the other two didn't really get into cabinets and drawers too much. Hunter is another story.

And to mark turning 10 months old today, he started saying "no." Please know I'm not bragging, or exaggerating....this is not something I would make up. :) He says it in a very sweet way, of course, with his yummy little mouth in the shape of a perfect "o." And it totally makes me crack up. Which I know is not a good thing to do when your child tells you no. But I bet you would do the same thing if he said it to you. We'll see how cute it is when he's two.

At 10 months, Hunter has mastered cruising, LOVES his bottle, nite-nite blankie, and paci, and waves bye-bye. So stinkin' cute. He is still a snuggler, which I LOVE, and is just so yummy, especially when he is holding his nite-nite close to his face. With all my talk about what a meddler he is, he really is such a good baby~ he sleeps well, and is so happy to go with the doesn't get much better than that.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boys will be...

Boys. Wow. Thankfully I wasn't home for this one. :) Harrison and Hud had way too much fun out in the sand box~ I don't think they left any sand in the box! It was pretty pitiful that Hunter had to watch from the window, but he didn't seem to mind, and thankfully Brian had the wisdom to not let him join in the fun! I don't think the bathtub will ever be the same...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

3 Happy Halloweenies

We hope all of you had a happy Halloween! Our crew had so much was hard for me not being able to be with them for all the games and trick-or-treating fun at church, but being just one week out from surgery, there was really no way. But I had fun getting them ready and took lots of pictures. Harrison was so very excited about his pirate costume that he borrowed from Garrett~ it was pretty authentic, and he wore it proudly. Hud wanted to be a monkey again this year, and after a few attempts at talking him into something different, I gave up. After all, this holiday really is just for fun, so if he wants to be a monkey every year for the rest of his life, why should I really care? He was so happy, and put that hot costume back on again today right after school. :) Hunter was the cutest lobster ever, and seemed very happy with the whole thing. He didn't even mind that head thing he had to wear. My mom called last night after heading home (she took them up to church and met up with Brian, Reagan and Jon to help with the boys) to tell me that he really might be the best baby ever. I have to agree with that. He's so easy, and just goes with the flow. They came home with colored hair (Harrison was polka-dotted, Hudson was all orange, and thankfully Hunter was not painted), sweaty, and tired, but all had lots of fun. I've posted a few of my favorite pics here, and I'm going to attempt a slide show for the rest of them...