Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Spooktacular Day

Wow...what a day. We love Halloween in our house, love dressing up, and I REALLY loved that our church had their fall carnival during the day so that we could do that AND trick or treat in our neighborhood tonight.

This year Harrison was Darth Vader by day (a Storm Trooper by night).
Hud was Superman by day (and Alvin the Chipmunk by night).
Hunter was a puppy all day long, although you can probably tell he wasn't
thrilled with it at first.
Trust me~ he was loving that costume by the end of the day. :)

Not sure why they felt the need to have costume changes, but oh well.
Made for a fun day!

They had a blast at church jumping in bounce houses, painting pumpkins, and Hunter was a champ at Plinko. Dropped it in the bonus slot TWICE. :)

My friend, Trisha, made these Halloween buckets
for the boys, and they are awesome. She did a great job, and they love them.

This evening we had some of our family over for dinner.
Aunt Beth and Uncle Todd brought some Halloween treats over for the boys.

Not exactly sure what look Brian was going for here.
Superhero Witch?
Mimi and Papa came over too...these boys sure are spoiled rotten. ;)
I love this picture of my mom...she's so very cute. :)
Hunter finally let us get a pic of him w/ the puppy hood on. I think this was the first Halloween that he really "got it." He was a trick or treatin' fool. :)

"Bom chicka wow wow"
If you've seen Alvin and the Chipmunks, then you probably know
exactly what Hud is doing in this picture.

If you haven't seen it...I'll just say this boy can definitely get his dance on. ;)

Love this one of the boys with their Aunt Reagan.
Between her and Jon, Beth and Todd, and Mimi and Papa,
these kids were loaded up with all kinds of Halloween treats. :)

First house they stopped at.
I was so thankful that they remembered to say thank you,
and that, for the most part, they didn't try to hard to go inside any houses.
Have I mentioned that these three do not have a single shy bone in their body?
Well, they don't. :)

Hope you all had a safe, happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a Beautiful Day... go fly a kite. :)

So that's exactly what we did.
It was just windy enough to pull those kites way up in the sky, but not so windy that they took the boys with them. :)

Even the tiny man was a kite-flyin' expert in no time.

I think we might have found a new hobby.

And just in case you thought our life here is always rainbows and puppies, here's a glimpse into a more realistic every day:
Hunter decided it was time to ride a big boy bike,
and when his middle brother tried to help him go faster and accidently pushed him down, there was some serious sadness and anger from the tiny one.
So while we have lots of rainbows,
we have our share of rain too.
The tiny man decided against any more bike riding, and decided it was much safer to push this car around instead.
Harrison showed Hud some of his skateboarding skills... that he could try for the first time.
I am happy to report that neither boy was injured this afternoon, and I escaped a heart attack as well. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

On days like today when these 3 are WAY more
banchee-like than I would really prefer...

I take a photo like this and am reminded that in spite of their monkey-like behavior, they are pretty irresistible,
downright cute,...and incredibly loved.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A rainy, lazy day in our house,
Hunter-style. :)

Nap time
(fell asleep watching Kai-Lan)
Couch time.
Geez...I hope this baby sleeps tonight. :)

A Day at School With My Big Boys

Yesterday was Hud's teacher's birthday, and since I am one of the room moms for her, we planned a little birthday celebration, because we think she's pretty fantastic. :)
The class bought her a book as part of her present, so I decided to surprise Hud with lunch and get the class's sweet little signatures inside Mrs. G's book.

We had fun talking about his day...he's such a sweet love bug. :)
Of course, I couldn't bring lunch for one and not the other, so I ran back to Chic-fil-A to grab some lunch for Harrison too. We talked and laughed hard about his first experience w/ in-line skates today during PE, and talked about our favorite SpongeBob episodes. I know he won't always think it's so cool to eat lunch with his mom, so I'm going to cherish every second of days like this. :)

During snack time we let Mrs. G open her gifts, sang Happy Birthday w/ candles and all, and each enjoyed a piece of cookie cake. Then Mrs. G decided that maybe the kiddos needed to run off some sugar, so we headed outside for a group pic and an extra recess. Happiness for all. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

A mild strain of the flu has been going through our house this past week and weekend. H1 had it last week, H2 over the far B, H3, and I have managed to escape it. While H2 was resting the big and little brothers went outside for some fun. Can you tell they had some major cabin fever? ;)

Pretty creepy, Harrison.

Nothing more fun than pressing your face against a dirty screen.

Yuck, and cute at the same time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blowin' Bugs

Walked in to the family room and found my tiniest H sitting
on this stool looking out the window.
I thought he was watching his biggest brother play outside,
so I asked him if he wanted to go play too. His response?
"Nope. I'm blowin' bugs." To which I responded, "Of course you are." :)

Because blowing bugs off the screen of a window is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a Saturday afternoon, don't you think? Me too. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Spooky House Re-visits

Those of you who are faithful blog readers know that we love to put together these gingerbread houses. Target sells them at Halloween and Easter, and we think they're pretty fantastic!
We were a little disappointed in the spooky house this year b/c some of the pieces were left out...but we made the best of it and had fun anyway!
Can you tell Hunter was doing a little taste-testing with a black gumdrop? :)

This was his first year to really help, and he loved it! yay!

That leftover candy is just too hard to resist....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A fall day in our neck of the woods, rainy but not raining, cool temps, and cabin fever = some much needed playtime outside.

So that's exactly what we did. Wasn't planning on taking any pics of the boys with pumpkins today, and still need to plant some pots of mums, but oh well. We will definitely be re-doing that one. :)
Caught the tiny man at the end of the word "leaf." Made me smile.

He had more fun playing peek a boo with me than actually riding the scooter, but did pretty well scooting up and down the side walk and driveway too. I'm still working on that whole "don't panic and hover" thing as a mom...really thought I would have it down by the time this one was able to ride a scooter,
but I guess I need tokeep working on it. ;)

Pretty sure he's thinking, "Geez, you have to take a picture of everything?"
And the answer would be...umm, yes.

Including photos of my middle man...

...with his newest "pets."
This baby most certainly loves all of God's creatures,
from the big and furry to the creepy crawly.

And I had to include this one, because it was just too cute
to pass on. Happy October!

Because, in my opinion...

...there really isn't anything much cuter...
...than a boy in uniform.

And in this case, a boy in a baseball uniform.