Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A fall day in our neck of the woods, rainy but not raining, cool temps, and cabin fever = some much needed playtime outside.

So that's exactly what we did. Wasn't planning on taking any pics of the boys with pumpkins today, and still need to plant some pots of mums, but oh well. We will definitely be re-doing that one. :)
Caught the tiny man at the end of the word "leaf." Made me smile.

He had more fun playing peek a boo with me than actually riding the scooter, but did pretty well scooting up and down the side walk and driveway too. I'm still working on that whole "don't panic and hover" thing as a mom...really thought I would have it down by the time this one was able to ride a scooter,
but I guess I need tokeep working on it. ;)

Pretty sure he's thinking, "Geez, you have to take a picture of everything?"
And the answer would be...umm, yes.

Including photos of my middle man...

...with his newest "pets."
This baby most certainly loves all of God's creatures,
from the big and furry to the creepy crawly.

And I had to include this one, because it was just too cute
to pass on. Happy October!


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  2. Your family is beautiful Jaclyn! Love the bug pic! Enjoying your blog and off to add it to mine!! :) Sorry I had to remove the first comment...I was logged in under my sisters name!!

  3. I didn't have your email but HAD to tell you...Heidi is going to be in DALLAS next weekend teaching a class on the 17th!!! I don't know where yet but wouldn't that be SO FUN!!!

    Give me your email and I will forward all the info to you!!!