Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happiness is....

....spending the weekend with Aunt Reagan.

Getting to show her one of our favorite new places?
Double happiness. :)

"Wading" quickly turned into "accidently falling in." Oops.
No worries~ it was calf-deep water.

I was not at all prepared for the wetness. Apparently I underestimated the pull that a lake full of water would have on three little boys.
Thankful for airdrying and sunshine. :)

There's a lot of attitude in that little 3-year-old body.
This look makes me smile.

Brian set up three fishing poles for him and the boys.
I love watching him fish.
He's totally in his element, relaxed, at peace....makes my heart happy.
He caught this one almost by accident. Saw the pole jerk when it was sitting against the fence. Thankful he caught his pole before it was launched into the water and ended up with this catfish.

Do you think the boys are crazy about their Aunt Reagan?
They really are.
They love her so very much, and they know she loves them too.

This sister thinks she's amazing too. :)
So thankful for her and the friendship we share.
We had such a great time together.
I loved getting to show her where we live, places we shop, my walking route, our church, etc.
Thankful for her and the weekend we shared.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Graduate and a Fourth Grader

Can't believe this year is over.
Pretty sure we were just celebrating Hud's pre-k graduation yesterday.
Truth be told...I think the whole kindergarten graduation thing is kind of silly. Not that it's not an important milestone, because it definitely is. Going from being home playing and running errands with me to spending all day 5 days a week at school is a huge change. But by the time he graduates from high school, he will have about 4 caps and gowns. :) Is it just me, of does that kind of make it seem less important? was a big deal watching our middle man cross the stage for his diploma. With him being a summer baby, we debated and stressed (well, I stressed) over whether or not he was ready for school this year. So thankful we chose to go ahead and send him~ he rocked this year as a kindergartner, is a math whiz and an awesome reader.
He's grown up so much, and we are so very proud of him.
Brian and his mini-me. So cute.

Love, love, LOVE this baby. He looks so cute in his cap and gown.

After graduation we ran over to catch Harrison's party. Watched him play kickball with his friends, laugh and getting to watch him like that. So proud of how well he has adjusted to his new school, his new teacher (who also happens to be our neighbor~ love that!), and his new friends. He's done so well academically, is easy-going, fun....I can't believe he's going to be in the fourth grade. Geez...

This is random, I know. But it made me smile, so I had to take a pic of it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Call it a hunch....
...but I think my middle man is ready for summer break.

He came home from school yesterday with this drawing he had made during free time. I love the big wave he's surfing on, the spikey hair, and especially the two crabs watching nearby.
My baby is dreaming about sun, sand, and fun in the water. His mama is right there with him. :)
Seeing my kiddos getting artsy, using their imagination to draw, paint, build, etc.....that makes my heart happy.

H2 is a summer baby. He was born in the summer, he loves to swim. This pic is from the water park last summer.

This summer we are taking our first trip to the beach. I have overheard many conversations between the boys involving surfing, building the "most gigantic" sandcastle, boogie boards, etc.


Bring on the summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just a few miles from our house....
....there is a river. And a lake. A dream come true for my outdoorsy husband. For me? Not something I had ever thought much about (actually, I was more concerned about where the closest Target was), but I have to say that I am loving this almost as much as he is. For me it's become a place of relaxtion (well, when I'm not panicking about the boys falling in, getting bitten by a snake, etc.) ;) I'm getting better.
Really, I am.
So, Saturday night we went to dinner at The Lighthouse Cafe (also known as the Dam Good Diner). That makes me giggle. It's about as backwoods as you can possibly get, but the food was pretty fantastic.
After dinner we headed down to the river to let the boys wade in a little. The water was FREEZING, but they didn't seem to care. Protested big time when I said it was time to come out b/c I was starting to think their little feet were going to fall off. I know, I know.....I'm working on it. Clearly the boys love these little trips as much as we do. The coolest part is that there really isn't much "trip" to it. We just hop in the car and 10 minutes later we're there. Pretty fantastic.

Some pics from dinner...because I had my camera and we needed something to do while waiting for our food to arrive.
H1 being "cool." Yes, his hair is getting cut VERY soon. Much to his dismay. ;)

I don't understand why he never wants to pose in a pic for's so much fun. :)

H2 braved Old Navy with me that morning for a big sale, and there was a face painter there. Apparently they were raising money for fire fighters, and b/c we love to support a good cause, we happily got his face painted. Think this baby is ready for summer break? :)

Right back at ya, babe. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Help, Please?

I've been a mom for almost 10 years now.
Not a ton of experience.....I know. But not a novice either.
There are lots of you out there who have been a mom for much longer.
But with 3 boys, you would think that I had seen it all by now.

My third little guy has stumped me with this one. Don't get it at all, but he likes to stick stuff down his pants. Anything. Everything. Usually his nite-nites.
Yesterday, however?
Hot wheels.
According to his Daddy, about 25 of them.
Anybody seen this before?
This kiddo has kept me guessing since he was in the womb.
He is a funny, funny kid.
He marches to his own drummer....he is a drummer. :)
He is smart, sweet, witty, much fun.
That dimple in his cheek? The one in his chin? Melts my heart every time.
AND has kept him out of trouble more than his fair share of times. ;)
I'm a sucker for dimples. Ask his big brothers. They have them too.
But this pants thing? I'm stumped.

Monday, May 10, 2010


And no, I don't mean "changed" in the vampire way. LOL
Just wanted to add a quick pic of these two.
According to Facebook, this is the newest still release for "Eclipse,"
which releases next month.
Not that I'm counting down the days or anything (51...ahem). :)
"Eclipse" might be my favorite of the 4 books. Not sure, because I love them all. And I've read them so many times that the story is starting to blend
into one very long book.
So fellow fans can enjoy this pic. The rest of you can stop the eye-rolling and continue reading. ;)

What I really meant by the title "Changed" has way more to do
with the movie pictured below.
Brian, Nana, and I watched "The Blind Side" this weekend. I've been wanting to see it since it's release in November. Really don't know what kept me away. I'm a huge Sandra Bullock fan. I feel quite certain that if she were to meet me, she would quickly agree that we would make great best friends. ;) Also, I love a "feel-good" movie, especially one that takes place in the South. And, because my hubs LOVES a football movie, I knew it would be a great one for us to watch together. We don't exactly have the same taste in movies (refer back to the first picture in this post~ although I will say he tolerates those out of his love for me. He's a keeper.)

SO anyway......changed. That's the one word I would use to describe how I felt when the movie was over. I'm pretty sure I'm the last person on earth who hadn't seen this one yet, but in case you're not sure of the storyline, here's the Cliff's Notes version: A wealthy Christian family takes in a poor boy from the other side of town, showing him unconditional love, acceptance, stability, and generosity. They make him part of their family, as if he'd been there all along. They both are changed for the good. And I'd argue that he changed them more than they changed him. Amazing story....I haven't stopped thinking about it.
I left the family room and headed upstairs after the movie, got in bed, and couldn't sleep well that night. Couldn't stop thinking about the theme of the movie. Acceptance. Generosity. Unconditional Love. It made me think a lot about what I would do given the same circumstances. Made me question what I would do had we driven by Michael (or someone like him) on the street. Would we have stopped? Would we have kept driving, deciding it really was none of our business, or uncomfortable, or possibly dangerous? I really don't know. I mean, I know what I would do now. I know God used that movie to change my heart. To open my eyes wider to see what is around me. To help others in need. TO PAY ATTENTION. I often tell myself I have my hands full with three little boys, a house to take care of, church, etc.
That that's enough. That I really couldn't handle anymore. Boy, was I wrong.
And so it started on Saturday when I made a trip to a grocery store, and nearly ran over (literally...on foot, not in my car, thank goodness) an elderly lady in a motorized cart. Who was on oxygen, shopping alone, with the sweetest smile on her face. And because I was in a hurry (what's new?) I wasn't paying attention, and I ran into her. And immediately I heard God reminding me "PAY ATTENTION." So I stopped and apologized and made sure she was okay (of course, I was raised right). :) But this time, I didn't stop there. I offered to help her with her shopping. And then later, I saw her in the checkout line, and helped her unload her basket. Because, as Christians, that is how we are supposed to be. And I'm ashamed to admit that although I've been a Christian for over 20 years, this concept is new for me.
Please don't think I'm a horrible, thoughtless person. OR, that I'm trying to brag on myself because I helped the sweet elderly lady. That's not what this is about. I look at myself and see a girl who has always (for the most part) been polite. I hold doors open for people. Carry on conversations with people checking me out at the store. Consider myself thoughtful in many ways, and striving to be that in all ways. But I also tend to be self-centered. Preoccupied with my to-do list. Too "busy." Busy with what? That's been my question these past several days. So things are changing in this heart. I'm slowing down. I'm paying attention. I'm teaching our boys to do the same. I know this change isn't going to happen overnight. But I'm determined that with God's grace and patience, it's going to happen.
It would be easy to sit here and continue to feel sorry for myself because I'm in a new state, in a new church, and a new neighborhood where I don't know anyone, missing my family and the friends that I love so much back in Texas. And honestly, that's kind of what I've been doing. Hiding out in my house, keeping busy with making this home and potty-training my preschooler, trying to convince myself that I don't need friends here. That I can "keep myself busy enough" to be okay here without that. And I'd be an idiot. So I'm on to Plan B, otherwise known as "get out there and figure out why in the world God has brought you here." Because that is exactly what He, in all his wisdom and sovereignty, has done. So, here I go.
And as far as the whole "Let's bring this boy home and take care of him, make him part of our family, and love him as if he's has always been ours" part of the movie? I can honestly tell you that adoption (and now possibly fostering) has been on my heart for a couple years now. Watching this movie only confirmed something I felt we had already been called to do. Now I'm just waiting on the rest of the family to feel the same way, trusting that at the right time, all of the details will fall into place. I don't know where this child will come from, whether it will be a he or a she....that doesn't matter. But I really hope it happens soon.
So if you haven't seen this movie, PLEASE do. I love that God (who made me and knows my love for a good movie) used such a great one to speak to my heart. And I'd love to hear about how He speaks to you, or what watching this movie did in your life. Comments, please?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend we got to enjoy a visit with Brian's mom (a.k.a. Nana). :)
We had a great time!

We found a GREAT shopping center, had a yummy lunch, and enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather, even getting a little cold as we sat outside for our lunch.
Hud was a little crabby for this pic, but thankfully perked up after lunch. :)

Forever drumming, on anything he can get his hands on. This time, it was the salt and pepper shakers. I definitely see a garage band in our future. ;)

A local radio station was doing a remote broadcast at the shopping center, complete with bounce houses, contests, cotton candy, and all different restaurants had booths set up. I was afraid that Hunter might need some help climbing to the top, but as you can see, he had no trouble whatsoever. They really are part monkey. :)

It was so fun getting to spend Mother's Day with Nana. Love this pic of them.
After church we went to visit the house and school where Nana used to live. Not sure if I had mentioned it before, but she spent several years here as a child. It was cool getting to see where she lived and where she went to school. :) The building that our church is in now was once the office building where Brian's granddad worked.
Crazy, huh?

This picture makes me being their Mama... do I love being the Mama to this one. He wasn't interested in posing with me, so I had to resort to a crazy face. :)

When we got home we posed for a regular photo. So thankful I get to be their's definitely an adventure....a sweet, humbling, fun, full of love, crazy, non-stop adventure....and I wouldn't have it any other way.
They increased my heart 3 sizes, and have given me a love I never could have imagined.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Field Day

Yesterday was field day at the boys' new school. I love field day~ loved it when I was a kid, and love getting to watch the boys get out there and let loose, get a little competitive, and have some fun. The school had planned lots of fun things for them to do, including sack races, tug-of-war (Hud's favorite), and the carry-the-egg-on-the-spoon (I really don't know what it was called, if you can't tell) race, which was Harrison's favorite.

Love how his sunscreen looks like war paint. :) Thankful for the dad who remembered to bring it, as I left ours on the kitchen table on the way out the door. :/
So very determined...this was a water event, and the kids loved it.

The sack race...Hud just jumped right out of his. ;)

It does my heart good to see that they have acclimated so quickly to their new school and new friends, new teachers, etc.
They are so much better at that than I was as a kid.
Super proud of them.

Can you tell how much I love getting to spend Fridays with Brian?
My favorite perk to having a minister husband. :)

Hunter was such a champ....he so wanted to get in the big middle of all the games, but sat there and watched the kids instead. Kind of pitiful, but he was happy.
Won't be long until he's having his first Field Day.

Harrison's favorite know, the egg carrying one. :)

"Please, can I just do one game? Please?"

And in case you're wondering, the boys hadn't started school in time to order field day shirts. The school tried to order for them, but the company had already deleted the print. I just ran to the store to get the right color so they would still match their classmates. :( Oh well. Next year.

Hud with some of his classmates and his teacher. She is so sweet. We really miss Mrs. Garcia from his old school, but are thankful for Mrs. Brown. She has helped him adjust quickly, and is a great kindergarten teacher.

This picture cracks me up~ we have a hippity hop at home, so he knew just what to do and was a champ in this race. :)
Another fun day, topped off with some shopping, Chick-fil-a for dinner, and playing at a really cool new park not far from our house.
Fun family day!