Friday, May 21, 2010

Call it a hunch....
...but I think my middle man is ready for summer break.

He came home from school yesterday with this drawing he had made during free time. I love the big wave he's surfing on, the spikey hair, and especially the two crabs watching nearby.
My baby is dreaming about sun, sand, and fun in the water. His mama is right there with him. :)
Seeing my kiddos getting artsy, using their imagination to draw, paint, build, etc.....that makes my heart happy.

H2 is a summer baby. He was born in the summer, he loves to swim. This pic is from the water park last summer.

This summer we are taking our first trip to the beach. I have overheard many conversations between the boys involving surfing, building the "most gigantic" sandcastle, boogie boards, etc.


Bring on the summer.

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  1. I love the crab on the rock...he is my favorite :) Miss you.