Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hatcher Family Gallery

Apparently we are all getting in touch with our inner artist these days. This is the boys' hallway, and so far all but Brian and Hunter have contributed. :) Hopefully they will soon! But anyway, the the framed artwork on top is Harrison's picture of our family (I love my pink hair!), and the one on the bottom is a finger painting that Hudson did at school this beautiful. :)


I had the pleasure of getting to make this book for Emily Clifton's sixteenth birthday. It was an idea her precious mom, Tina, had of putting letters from all the special people in her life along with photos of all of Emily's "firsts", ending with pics of her getting her first car. It was a fun project, and I'm happy I got to be a part of it. Here are a couple of pictures from the album to give you an idea of how it turned out...

One and Seven

Well, the first "double" party was on Saturday, and it was fun. I don't have many pictures to post b/c I'm waiting on the official ones from Tomi. I did get a couple of the boys' cakes though, so here they are. Mimi did an amazing job (as always!) of making everything~ from Harrison's yummy chocolate cake, to Hunter's smash cake, and all of the cupcakes as well. It was a great day, and now we can breathe for a little while. :) I'll post more when I get them...

Friday, January 18, 2008

And Now My Oldest One is SEVEN

Wow...seriously, where has the time gone? I can't believe my Harrison is SEVEN today. That sounds so much older than six did. Am I really old enough to have a seven year old? Apparently so.

Harrison loves birthdays as much as I do~ he was up early this morning, asking to go ahead and open his presents. I agreed that it was a good idea, why wait for that kind of fun? Our lego maniac was really excited about all of his lego sets (that's all he wanted, and actually chose legos over getting Guitar Hero for his playstation, which was kind of a bummer to the rest of us). :)

Now he is at school, and this afternoon will get picked up by Aunt Reagan and Uncle Jon for an afternoon at Incredible Pizza. So fun...

At seven, Harrison's favorite things are:
*Donut Sticks
*iCarly and Drake and Josh (fave tv shows)
*reading Junie B. books
*riding his bike

He's a fun, smart, funny kid, and we are so thankful that he is in our family.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Baby Boy is ONE Today...

...and we have had so much fun! He must somehow know it's his day, because every time I say something about his birthday, he starts clapping for himself. We started the day with a big cupcake and the happy birthday song, and he was a big fan of both. Now he is totally geared up for his big party on Saturday. I'll post those pics on Sunday, but here are the ones from this morning...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Elmo really is the greatest

I came out of the laundry room today and found Hunter and Elmo in the family room. Hunter LOVES that little red guy so much, and he is pretty serious about him. Always hugging him, laughing at him, talking to him. They have a pretty special bond. Aunt Reagan and Uncle Jon gave him this one, and it is programmed to talk to him and say his name, and he sings songs, so I'm pretty sure Hunter thinks he is very real. :) So sweet. I'm so glad I was able to catch him still loving on Elmo~ usually I miss that kind of photo opportunity.

Not any particular reason...

...just snapped these of Hunter today. He is a big fan of the camera, but only when it's just him. When I try to get one of all three of the boys, he becomes "the screamer" (Tomi, you'll get that), or at least it seems that way. Apparently, he doesn't like to share the spotlight. :) His hair is wild, and I'm pretty sure there was macaroni and cheese in it(we were getting ready for his bath, which is why he was naked) but oh, well...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas, Christmas, and More Christmas

It's January 1, 2008, and I'm just getting around to posting Christmas. It is hard to believe that it has been a week since Christmas. The tree and all the other decorations are still up, and for the first time I'm not in a huge hurry to put them away. This year everything seemed to happen so fast, and it's hard to believe it's all over. It was wild with three kids on Christmas morning, but so much fun...

We started the Christmas celebration with a weekend at my parents' farm in Bowie. It was definitely full of surprises. Friday was a beautiful day, and they boys were able to play outside, riding the horses and the RTV~ so fun! Brian was finally able to hunt a little, but unfortunately didn't come back with anything. We celebrated Christmas on Saturday morning~ Harrison got all "Lego-ed" up and stayed very busy, Hudson had all kinds of new things to play with, and Hunter did as well~ he quickly jumped into the whole presents thing, and quickly figured out that opening packages is really fun. My sisters and I were surprised with a trip to New York~ everything from airline tickets to the hotel, and spending money while we are there~ from our mom and dad~ it was a HUGE surprise, and we are so excited! Mom is going to go with us...this will be my first time to go, and I cannot wait!!

Christmas morning was at our house, and for the first time, the boys did not wake Brian and me up. We were awakened to sounds of them playing with what Santa had brought. Pretty funny~ but I told them they better never do that again. :) I was surprised with the new blue IPod shuffle and a massage from Brian~ I was so excited about both! He had gotten his gift from me early~ a new shotgun. It was our turn to spend Christmas with Brian's family this year, and our first time to host at our house. Brian was a HUGE help~ I couldn't have done it without him. Somehow we were able to pull off a big meal, and it all went well. Getting all five of the cousins together was fun too~ getting a good picture of all five of them...not so fun. :) But we got a couple of cute ones.

This year was magical, from the discussions about Santa, throwing the "magical reindeer food" out in the yard on Christmas Eve, their excitement and awe at all the Christmas lights, the cute conversations Hudson and I had about baby Jesus (he kept calling him baby Hunter)...they are at the perfect age to really love Christmas, and I don't want to forget any of it.