Sunday, October 31, 2010

Funny and Scary...and Really Fun

I love Halloween.
I probably shouldn' know, considering it's supposed to be an evil holiday and all.
But we just make it about fun costumes and candy, and don't take it too seriously.

From the first time I asked the boys what they wanted to be, Hud was the only who had his mind set. He wanted to be Mario. Real bad. Not too much later Hunter decided on Toadhead. Or Mushroom Dude, as I like to call it. Harrison had a harder time....he's getting older, and wanted to be something more "Halloweenie." :) Finally decided on a vampire. I know, I're probably rolling your eyes and thinking I talked him into that. I absolutely did not. I wanted him to be Teen Wolf, but I guess considering he didn't grow up in the 80's like I did, he had no idea how cool that was. ;) So, vampire it was.


I have to admit it was kinda fun doing his hair and face paint (makeup?) and stuff. I wish I had recorded what was going on with this picture~ Harrison had no idea that Brian was standing there with those googly glasses on....about scared him to death. Cracked me up.


And the toadhead....oh my. We used Brian's Patriots hard hat as a base, and just covered it with felt and stuffed it with tissue paper. It was heavy on his punkin head...he kept getting off balance, then it would fall over his eyes, he would walk sideways....hilarious. :)


The boys with some of our neighbors...have I mentioned how much I love our neighbors? :)


So, SO happy my mom an sister were here this weekend...can't imagine having Halloween without them. Thankful I didn'thave to. We've had the best visit. So thankful.

Back home, LOADED down with candy. Have to say....all three of them were passing out candy to Brian, Mom, Reagan, and me, giving us the things they knew we loved. Milk Duds, Twizzlers, Peanut M&M's, and Almond Joys....delicious. :) Happy Halloween!


Party People

If there's one thing we've learned since we moved's that our neighbors love a party.
We live by so many fun people....really loving that.
Last weekend our neighborhood and the one behind us had a joint HOA Fall Festival.
Bounce houses, clowns making REALLY cool balloon-things, face painting, and a petting zoo.
Does it get much better? I think not.

A vampire and a this a kid after my own heart, or what? ;)


Hud also chose a vampire (I PROMISE I had nothing to do with that choice...tried to get him to choose a pumpkin), and the clowns made him a red light saber. He was pumped. :)


Hunter and Daddy. Isn't he dreamy? ;)
A little frightening.


Then last night we had a little block party. It was SOOOO fun. Everyone pitched in with food, games, face-painting, crafts, a scavenger hunt. Greatness. This is Harrison and Hud with our next door neighbor.

How very much this baby loves a cupcake. :)


My little Harry Potter with the ghost he made.

AND....look who's here for the weekend!!!!
I wasn't sure how I was going to handle Halloween without them....glad I didn't have to.
And there was a "little" (ha~ yeah right) baseball game last night. Can you tell we were ready?
How about them Rangers? Love them.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Spooky House Returns...again

I know, I've been waiting all month for this post, right? ;) Hahaha.
The spooky house. A family tradition. Our third year to make this house.
My favorite thing about it? That it is more of a Daddy-boys project than a family project.
Of course, I'm there. I take the photos. And help some. The control-freak in me can't help it. But it's more fun for me to sit back and watch these four in action, doing something crafty.

First, Daddy builds the house.


Then the boys decorate it. And show amazing restraint by not eating all the candy. Mostly because they know there will be plenty left for them to eat after the decorating is over. :)


And....we're done. Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Elections and Field Trips

Today has been a big day for our family.
Particularly for our oldest.
Harrison was chosen (based on grades and a class vote) to run for 4th grade Student Council.
He's really excited, and we will be very busy this weekend
getting ready for him to campaign next week.
This morning he had to give his speech....something I thought my outgoing, talkative son would handle without thinking twice. I was wrong. He was a nervous wreck~ so out of character for him. I thought he was going to be sick before his turn, but thankfull he wasn't. He got up on stage and delivered his speech. We were really proud of him.
The school will vote next Friday....we'll see what happens. :)

After the speech I headed out for a field trip with this one...

Photobucket a pumpkin farm. It's actually a Christmas Tree farm, not too far from where we live.

Very cool.


We went on a hayride....(check out the little farmer here)


...fed goats....


....and picked pumpkins.
Isn't his class cute? :)


They really are. Cute, I mean. And silly. And incredibly well-behaved.


This weekend is getting off to a great start. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

I had some work to do this morning.
I really wanted to play with my tiny man.
But in effort to stop my procrastinator ways, I had committed to finish one of the minibooks needed to complete an order by the end of the month. Today. So, I did (yay!), and we celebrated by heading outside for some time with sidewalk chalk and our driveway.
Otherwise known as a gigantic canvas. :)

Hunter doesn't like to draw or color....which is so hard to wrap my brain around. He's artistic in other ways~ for instance, with music. He can rock his guitar like no other preschooler I know. But crayons and a color book? No thanks. He's analytical. He wants to know how things work. He loves tools and fixing things. It's like pulling teeth to get this one to work on writing his letters or drawing stick figure people. But because it's important that he be able to write his name, I keep trying. He's coming around. :)


We made serious progress today. And had fun at the same time. :)

We drew trees and snowmen, stick people, and practiced writing his name.


I know it's hard to see, but if you look closely, I wrote his name in pink, with him working under it in blue. Pretty good, in my opinion. Smart baby.


But then, he'd had enough of that, so we went on a nature walk. Can you believe how red this leaf is? I know this is my first Fall in Georgia and all, but it's just breathtaking. I hope I never get tired of the reds, oranges, and yellows that now cover the trees. That are everywhere.

It's beautiful.

We collected lots of leaves to show Daddy tonight when he gets home.
I am loving every second of having this guy home with me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One year ago this month....

...everything changed. Or rather, everything began to change. Little did I know just how much it would change me. Or what exactly was ahead for us, which I look at as a good thing because honestly, if I knew exactly what was ahead, I probably would have run for the hills. ;)

It was a year ago this month that God called us to a new church. In a new state. Something I had spent that month and the one before fighting against. But God, in His incredible wisdom and never-ending patience, made it absolutely clear to me that we were to go. In spite of my best efforts to tell Him all the reasons He was wrong. How's that for being honest and transparent? Geez.

This photo was taken two weeks before Brian headed out to start his new job. These photos mean even more to me now that I look back on them, one year later. They mark the beginning of something new, something hard, something that terrified me. They mark the end of a season in our lives, the comfortable bubble we loved so much. God had spent well over a year preparing our hearts for this move, for the changes that would take place....getting my heart and head around the idea of living somewhere new, away from my friends and family, and for the first time in my life (with a couple of brief exceptions) going to a new church. On top of that, we would spend the next four and a half months with Brian in our new city while the boys and I stayed behind. I'm so thankful that I had no idea how long this temporary separation would last. And honestly, it's something I'd rather not ever have to do again. But we made it. And when we were reunited here, we were able to appreciate each other even more than before.

It practically took a burning bush to show me that we were supposed to go....okay, not really. But it was the first time in my Christian walk that God made things so incredibly clear that there was no second-guessing it. Because (since I'm being so honest here) I know that He knew that if He didn't, I probably would. Second-guess it, I mean. And come up with a million reasons why this was the absolute worst idea EVER. It went like this~ Brian and I were flown in for an interview, and I literally spent the entire first day in tears. Seriously. Couldn't stop. And I argued with Brian about why I hated this whole thing. And he, being the patient, understanding husband he is, listened to me rant and complain. And he was quiet and loving and sweet. That night while he slept, I prayed. And prayed. Mostly, I did some more arguing until I was completely exhausted. And I ended my prayer with this: "Lord, if this is really what you want us to do, then please give me a total peace about it. When I wake up in the morning, no more tears. Not one. And then I will know that this is Your will for us." How did I know this? Because if you know me at all, you know how very emotional I am, and that only in God's strength would I ever be able to do that.

And I guess you can figure out what happened the next day. :) My eyes had never been drier.

And a peace I can't even really describe completely consumed me.

And we watched over the next several weeks as things began to fall into place. Our house sold within 3 months in the middle of the holiday season and a poor economy. We soaked up every bit of time with family and friends that was possible. We made memories, we treasured all of the little moments, the things we had spent the previous years taking for granted. We said goodbyes, and I literally thought our hearts would break. In some ways, they did.

Leaving was horrible. But God is faithful.

So year later. Changed. Stronger. Homesick? Definitely.

He never promised that things would be rainbows and butterflies all the time. He did, however, promise that He would always be with us. That He would go before us.

And He has shown us, in big ways and small ways, that His plan is perfect.

I don't always understand it. I don't always like it. But I've learned that I would rather be out of my comfort zone and in the big middle of His will than be out of His will, trying to figure this out on my own.

The boys have been amazing. Their faith an inspiration. They miss Texas. They miss their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, their friends, their school. But they seem to understand (way better than I do at times) that when we follow God's plan, it's all good.

And they know that together, the five of us can handle whatever He calls us to do.

My prayer, my hope, is that someday God will lead us back home. He knows the desire of my heart. He knows how much I want our boys to be raised around lots of family. We miss having that support nearby. I miss the day-to-day time together, family dinners, movies with my mom and sisters, shopping with friends, Bunco, etc.

In the meantime, I'm thankful that He is providing people here who help fill that void. Not replace it, but fill in the gap. Proof that He knows this heart, that He cares about the details.
"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged." Deut. 3:18

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happiness is....

Monster cookies cooling on the counter next to a rooster named Roger.
Who used to belong to my Momo and Dandy.
I love that he now sits on my counter....reminds me of them and all the wonderful memories I have of time at their house. I love the vintage-cool factor that this rooster provides too. My Momo had fab taste. :)

I got the recipe for these Monster cookies from the Pioneer Woman ( . If you are not familiar with her, then go visit her website. Right now. She's an amazing cook, photographer, mom, etc. living life on a ranch in Oklahoma. She's hilarious, and her blog is one of my favorites. So go, check her out. You won't be sorry.

Happiness is also seeing mums and pumpkins on our front porch. This is my favorite time of year....I know, I've blogged about this already. I won't elaborate this time. :0)


AND...happiness is life with these three. Which can at times make me crazy. Crazy-happy. Never bored. And in the middle of dodging light sabers and tripping over hot wheels, crippling myself on legos, and cleaning up spills, there are more hugs, kisses, and "I love you's" than this girl should ever deserve.

And these next three photos prove that.....

Photobucket is impossible....

Photobucket get a decent picture.....


.....of us. My sweet hubs tried his best, just wasn't happening. Oh well. Proof that life here isn't picture perfect, but it is fun, funny, unpredictable....good. :)

Two Visits, One Weekend

One was a visit from Nana, which was expected and eagerly awaited. And lots of fun. :)
The other was my visit to the emergency room, which was neither expected or eagerly awaited.
Definitely not fun either, but thankfully it was nothing more than a rupturing ovarian cyst.
Not cool, and really painful, but thanks to some really great drugs and a plan from my new doc so that this never happens again, I can definitely say I'm a new girl this weekend. Much better.
And thankful for my next-door-neighbor-turned-amazing-friend who took me to the ER so that Brian could enjoy some time with his mom. I asked him to stay with her, promising that if something serious was going on he would be called in. It was such a fast weekend that I wanted him to get as much time with her as possible. :) And I'm really thankful that we have people here we can call on for help when the need arises. Proof that God really is in the details....being in a new town, away from family and friends who we always counted on for help in times like these, I'm thankful that He is providing people here that we can lean on.

But anyway....back to the fun part of the weekend. On Saturday we headed out to a fall festival in a nearby town. I had high expectations for the shopping part of the festival...apparently living an hour away from Canton, TX has spoiled me beyond belief. Sad to report I was greatly disappointed in that part of the festival. : /

The food, however, did not disappoint. Harrison shares my love for a funnel cake. He ate almost all of it. With some help from his dad. I hardly got any. Which was really fine. Really. ;)
Hud was a big fan of the corn dogs. They were yummo. And this is coming from a girl who is not a fan of hot dogs unless I am at a baseball came (preferably a Texas Rangers baseball game...they're just better there) or at a fair/festival event. THEN, and only then, are hot dogs and corn dogs the bomb. :)
And Hunter and Nana took off in search of a special treat, and came back with this frozen chocolate banana. He licked all the chocolate off and then handed the banana to me. Figures.;)
Brian with his extra sour lemonade. He's so dreamy. :)
I love this one of Hud with his Nana. Sweet, huh?
Brian made me wear this stupid hat on the bus ride back to our car. Ridiculous, isn't it?

A tired, sweaty Hunter with the bouncy spider he scored for only $2. All three of the boys got one. The only shopping we did at this festival. Which is okay, I guess. :) We had a great time anyway....just happy to have fall festivals to go to, and happy to spend some time with Nana.