Monday, May 17, 2010

Just a few miles from our house....
....there is a river. And a lake. A dream come true for my outdoorsy husband. For me? Not something I had ever thought much about (actually, I was more concerned about where the closest Target was), but I have to say that I am loving this almost as much as he is. For me it's become a place of relaxtion (well, when I'm not panicking about the boys falling in, getting bitten by a snake, etc.) ;) I'm getting better.
Really, I am.
So, Saturday night we went to dinner at The Lighthouse Cafe (also known as the Dam Good Diner). That makes me giggle. It's about as backwoods as you can possibly get, but the food was pretty fantastic.
After dinner we headed down to the river to let the boys wade in a little. The water was FREEZING, but they didn't seem to care. Protested big time when I said it was time to come out b/c I was starting to think their little feet were going to fall off. I know, I know.....I'm working on it. Clearly the boys love these little trips as much as we do. The coolest part is that there really isn't much "trip" to it. We just hop in the car and 10 minutes later we're there. Pretty fantastic.

Some pics from dinner...because I had my camera and we needed something to do while waiting for our food to arrive.
H1 being "cool." Yes, his hair is getting cut VERY soon. Much to his dismay. ;)

I don't understand why he never wants to pose in a pic for's so much fun. :)

H2 braved Old Navy with me that morning for a big sale, and there was a face painter there. Apparently they were raising money for fire fighters, and b/c we love to support a good cause, we happily got his face painted. Think this baby is ready for summer break? :)

Right back at ya, babe. :)

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  1. looks awesome there..any little oh and big boy would love that!