Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a Beautiful Day...

...to go fly a kite. :)

So that's exactly what we did.
It was just windy enough to pull those kites way up in the sky, but not so windy that they took the boys with them. :)

Even the tiny man was a kite-flyin' expert in no time.

I think we might have found a new hobby.

And just in case you thought our life here is always rainbows and puppies, here's a glimpse into a more realistic every day:
Hunter decided it was time to ride a big boy bike,
and when his middle brother tried to help him go faster and accidently pushed him down, there was some serious sadness and anger from the tiny one.
So while we have lots of rainbows,
we have our share of rain too.
The tiny man decided against any more bike riding, and decided it was much safer to push this car around instead.
Harrison showed Hud some of his skateboarding skills...

...so that he could try for the first time.
I am happy to report that neither boy was injured this afternoon, and I escaped a heart attack as well. :)


  1. Jaclyn,
    These pictures and memories are awesome! So glad you posted the meltdown pic cause it made life with our babes seem more normal!
    Precious, precious!!
    love, Brenda

  2. How funny - I was just thinking about how we need to get out our kites with the kids sometime soon too. Love the post!