Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eight and other super important things

One month ago today my middle guy turned eight.  We were in TX on his birthday and I had no access to my pictures so I had to wait until we got home to blog about him. I'll spare you all the sad, gushy, he's-growing-up-too-fast stuff that I know all moms feel at each of our littles' birthdays.  It's a catch 22~ I'm so thankful for him and love watching him grow and become who he is, but I just wish it could slow down a little. Or a lot.
Those of you that know Hud know how incredibly special he is.  I don't even have the right words to explain....he's just a magnet.  He's loved. He's a lot of fun to be around.  He's a gentleman....opening doors for people, cleaning up things "so you can have a break, Mom," giving up what he has to his brothers or friends because he knows they will love it...and he's joyful about it.  He's intuitive....seems to know when someone needs a hug or a word of encouragement.
We celebrated with Daddy before heading to Texas, so technically he had two birthday celebrations. His big surprise was a new iPod, which he hadn't asked for because he told us his (old, out-of-date) one was just fine.  He was SO excited when he opened it, and so surprised.  It's so fun to give him gifts because he is a grateful humble, and appreciative kiddo. 

He asked for a big cake with lots of layers....I ended up making each layer a different color, and it was delicious....but not pretty.  Next time I may leave the cake-making to the experts...lol.

He's thoughtful.....often quiet.....artistic....dreams of being a cartoonist someday.  Love that he and I share a love for art....he has a natural talent for sure, and I'm doing everything I can do to encourage that.

Beach tic tac toe is lots of fun. :)

He is fearless....especially when it comes to the ocean.  Was determined to conquer those waves with his boogie board, and he did. :)

He's a summer baby in every way. :)

I'm so thankful for Hudson....blessed and blown away by the fact that I'm his mom...that God would entrust us to raise him...what a gift. :) He's sweet and loving  and thoughtful and tough and gentle and funny, all at the same time.  He has delicious dimples and his shoulders shake up and down when he laughs....just like my Dandy's did.  He furrows his eyebrows like his daddy when he's concentrating...he's his mini-me in so many ways.  He's his big brother's greatest audience, and laughs so hard at his craziness.  He's a lego master. Lover of SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb.  Karate champ.  So excited to see what 3rd grade brings for him....sweet punkin.

As usual, we've been gypsies this summer, opting to just keep our suitcases stored in our room instead of dragging them down to the basement over and over...it's been so fun, and such a whirlwind, mixed together with incredibly special moments like this one:
On Father's Day Brian had the privilege of getting to baptize Hunter, who gave his life to Christ this past Spring. We were a little unsure of his understanding of the decision he wanted to make, at first worrying that he might be too young, but we were quickly reminded that children often have a better understanding of these things than grownups too.  He's been our "tiny theologian" since he was 3, and I'm blown away by his faith and his curiosity, always asking questions about God, and understanding way more than we think he's capable of.  There's not much that brings my hubs to tears, but this?  Definitely.  No greater blessing than knowing that all 3 of our boys have chosen this path....blows us away.  Thankful.

While in TX we braved the 100+ degree heat to go see our beloved Rangers. :) It was Hunter's first time to go, and even though we sweated our noogs off, it was totally worth it. :)

And they won....of course. ;)  
So great be back seeing our favorite team do what they are so incredible at.

We had great seats right behind our man Josh Hamilton....so fun!!

Fourth of July with Mimi and Papa....had so much fun with them...went way too fast.

My sis and her Bailey....love those girls SO much. :)

This picture totally cracks me up....they were so excited about that cake pop. ;)

And now there are less than two weeks before Harrison starts school and then another week before Hud and Hunter start...already mourning the end of summer, and trying to savor all of it.  Until next time.....

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