Saturday, December 8, 2012

Over 3 months later....

Hi.  If there was a reward for worst blogger ever, I'm quite sure I'd be a frontrunner.  I like to win and all, but I'm not going to let that keep me least for now. I was thinking about what I should write about, because it's been so long and surely there is something interesting to talk about, or some kind of revelation or something....but nope.  Nothing.  We've been our usual busy selves, which is good, I suppose...but what I've longed for these past several weeks is for things to slow down and become boring.  And I guess if I really look at things I realize that what I've tried to change about myself~ to be more present, an active participant in life.  Off of my phone, the computer, the tablet, etc. etc. I know they are fun and convenient, but sometimes I want to chuck mine into the lake.  I won't....but I kinda want to.

But anyway.

Fall brought with it a fall baseball season for these two....

....which included first-time pitching for this one.
He comes from a long line of baseball players on all sides of his family (my dad, B's dad, my grandpa, cousins, etc), and I've watched a lot of baseball.  Watching your son pitch, however, is hard.  Like, make-you-wanna-throw-up hard.  He liked it ok, and for his first time did awesome. He plans for now  to work at it, but is (thankfully) more comfortable at, and has more fun playing short stop. Whew. ;) We'll see.

This one finally got his two front teeth....

....and added two of these firebelly toads to his critter collection. :)
They're names are Burnie and Bob, and are most definitely the easiest pets we've ever had to care for.

He also earned his orange belt in karate.  All 4 of us were there to cheer him on, and he rocked it.
Hunter Bug was awarded "Student of the Month" for the month of September.  Quite a big feat for the first month of kindergarten, and we are super proud! We are THRILLED with his teachers this year~ they are the perfect team and we love them both. :)
In related news, he and I are both adjusting to school just fine.  Him better than me. It's still weird, but we're good.

Fall is my favorite season, and when I saw these boots they seem to scream fall. ;)
I love them so.

Mimi came for a visit in October, and we took her with us to a pumpkin farm and had so much fun!

I officially launched my decorating business, called The Turquoise Giraffe.
I LOVE doing what I do.  Check out the website here. :)

This is a pic from my latest decorating was really fun!

I made time to finish up this one area of our bedroom, and am loving that it's done!

This sums everything up for me.  Truly. ;)
Ok, not really...but it is comforting to know when I feel like I've lost my mind there are others right there with me. ;)

Dr. Stanley celebrated his 80th birthday, and the boys dressed in their Sunday best (with a Hatcher-funky spin) in honor of his big day.  One of his favorite things to say is "Look your best, do your best, be your best," and we wanted him to know we feel the same way, and we celebrate him.

The littles' school had Grandparents Day last month and my Dad pulled off a big surprise for all 3 of the boys.  He showed up at school and Hudson and Hunter were completely was priceless.  And surprising Harrison that afternoon was hilarious.  I love that our family is able to visit like this. :)

Harrison fell at church and cut his eyebrow open, requiring 3 stitches.  This was his 3rd (yes, 3rd) ER visit in the 2.5 years that we've lived here.  Wowzers. He's fact, you'd never know he even cut it. 

Last Sunday he dressed like a toy soldier and sang with his praise team at church.  Darling. :)

And speaking of dressing up, B and I were elves last weekend for a Sunday School department party.  The things I  We had a great time with a great group of people.

After Thanksgiving we had our first official real-Christmas-tree-finding-and-dinner-out-night.

It was FREEZING that night and I was so cold I forgot to take pictures while we were choosing the tree.  Oops. :/

Eli the Elf made his Christmas 2012 debut last weekend, and brought breakfast! The boys loved it.

Things are good. I'm still thinking hard about writing a book.  I have a title and the first few pages written, and am hoping to work on it more over the Christmas break. Enjoy this month with your family, and take the time to create some Christmas magic for your family.  Soak up the time with family and friends.  Make memories.  Have some hot chocolate.  Look at Christmas lights.  Watch your favorite Christmas movies. Cozy up by the fire. And most important, take time to thank the One that we are celebrating this month.  Lots of love from our family to yours. :)

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