Monday, October 1, 2007

I got tagged

My dear friend Tomi tagged me to play this fun little blog game, where I am supposed to list eight things about myself. You need to check out her blog as well, because they are so much fun. In fact, I'm about to send out another email with our blog links posted, because apparently we are the only two who are really enjoying this whole thing, and it would be SO MUCH MORE FUN if you joined in. So if you are reading this, thank you for taking step one into the world of blogging. Now, step two is to actually leave comments so I know you've been here. Step three is to make a blog of your own about your family, your thoughts, whatever you want. I would absolutely love to read all about it.

But anyway, Tomi's link is Check it out~ it's greatness.

Okay, eight things about myself...this isn't going to be easy.

8. My entire life I have been very much a Type A personality. I like things organized, I like them done my way, and I am terribly bossy. But these past few years my creative brain has been desperately trying to take over, and I'm beginning to let it. I've become pretty obsessed with coming up with new things to make (in the world of paper, metal, canvases, etc.). I've also begun to let things go a little. I've gotten forgetful, a little ditzy, and pretty much live in a frazzled state of mind most of the time. My house is never as clean as I would like, I let my kiddos get away with stuff (little stuff, nothing major) that I once swore I would never tolerate, and if things don't always give the appearance of being perfect, I'm really okay with that. My sweet hubby says I'm just becoming who I was really supposed to be, which may be true, but this new me is certainly not helping the old me conquer the pile of ironing sitting in my laundry room right now...

7. Deep down inside, I'm a metal head. I love all kinds of music, mostly praise and worship, some country and top 40~ pretty much anything but rap I'm good with. But I have this weird love for hard rock music. When I hear Def Leopard, Poison, or Guns & Roses on the radio, I LOVE IT and have to turn it way up. My boys think I'm cuckoo for sure. My love for Bon Jovi began very early, and their style has mellowed a lot since the 80's, but I still think they are greatness. I know it's weird, and so doesn't go with who people think I am...makes you wonder how well you know me, huh? :)

6. I really, truly, desperately want to become a Labor and Delivery nurse some day. I feel certain that God has called me to that, and am just waiting for the perfect time to go for it.

5. I love it that my husband was my true, one and only first love. I love that we have been together since I was 18, that we married young, and that I only know him. To me, there is nothing better than that.

4. When I found out 7 years ago when I was pregnant with Harrison that I was expecting a boy, it totally shocked (and scared) me. I didn't think I would know what in the world to do with a boy~ how to dress him, what to play, how to love him...I knew nothing. But the instant I held that little guy, I was totally in love, and it wasn't long before having a boy was the most natural thing ever. Never did I think I would end up with three of them, but they are proof positive that God knows exactly what our hearts need~ I was definitely made to be the mommy of boys, and love that I have the awesome opportunity to raise them to be sweet husbands and daddies someday.

3. I've never been to New York City, and REALLY want to go. Badly. I feel like I'm missing out on something big, and will continue to feel that way until I get to experience it myself.

2. I'm a homebody. As much as I like to be busy and involved with things and people, when it gets right down to it, I just want to be home. In my house, with my boys, in my jammies, curled up in our bed. That is about as good as it gets.

1. When I look at my life now, I'm exactly where I want to be. Married with three kids, living in the suburbs, getting to be a stay-at-home (kind of) mom, with a husband who thinks I'm the greatest thing ever (hard to believe, but I know he does). I can only hope to be as wonderful to my four boys as they are to me.

Okay, now I'll tag a couple who I know already have blogs...

Brian Hatcher (Professor X)
Kelly Stocksen

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  1. You're right that I wouldn't have picked you for a metal head. A big reason is because when I think of you and music, I instantly think of Point of Grace....I think I was jealous of your signed poster when we were freshmen. Boy, that was a while ago, huh?
    I kinda feel the same about NYC and hopefully will get to hold Paula to her promise to take me there the next time I'm in the States.