Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tombo and Me

Nine months old. NINE months. Seriously, where has the time gone? We were taking his monthly pic on the chair last week, and he insisted that his beloved monkey friend, Tombo, join him. As you tell, he's a big fan of that monkey. Tomi gave it to him the day he was born, and I have a feeling he will be a longtime friend.

My baby has now mastered the art of pulling up on everything and cruising around everywhere as well. Thankfully he hasn't shown any interest in letting go to take those first steps...I'm not ready for that yet! His personality is coming out all over the place, and he is so much fun, so very sweet and cuddly. He now weighs just over 21 pounds, and is 30 inches long, which cracks me up because both of his big brothers were more than 21 pounds at 6 months! He's our tiny one. :) Harrison weighed 24 lb. 7 oz and Hud weighed 23 lb. 13 oz. at this age. It makes me laugh when people say he's big, because really, they have no idea. At any rate, he's growing big and strong, and holding his own with his brothers (who he absolutely adores) just fine. Here are some shots of him right now...


  1. Tombo? Really? Silly. That baby is some kinda yummy. You know I would love if "Tombo" is his best friend. Kisses!

  2. He's so cute, Jaclyn and I can't believe how old he looks in these pics. I think this is one of my favorite ages. Makes me miss it!!

    BTW, Kate got on the scale this morning and she weighs 21 pounds. She'll be two next week. Crazy, huh?