Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Star Scholar

The end of the school year is almost official. Tomorrow is a half-day with a movie and pizza party, so summer has almost officially arrived in the Hatcher house. Harrison is ready for a break, and has had an awesome year.

Last night we were invited to attend the Star Scholar Awards ceremony for students who had earned all A's and also all E's in citizenship for the year. Our man Harrison was one of those few to receive this honor. He has worked hard, and we are so very proud of him.

This morning was the regular award ceremony for each grade. I was so busy trying to take pictures that I didn't hear everything that he won. I did catch that he won a medal for the most Advanced Reading points earned for his class, along with an Academic Award, a Citizenship Award, and Honor Roll. The school also gives each student a character award, which I think is so great. I love that they focus both on academics and character at his school. Unfortunately, I was so busy trying to get my camera to hurry up and take the next picture that I didn't hear what character they said described Harrison. I'll have to find out when I pick him up this afternoon. Happy Summer!

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