Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Boy Bed

I was not prepared for this to happen this week at all, and thought we had another six months before the time came to move Hunter to a big bed, but I was wrong. On Monday he climbed out of his crib and hit his head (he has a nice bump and carpet burn on his forehead now), which sent this mom into a panic, knowing full well that once he's tried anything once, NOTHING will stop him from doing it again.

So off we went to pickup a mattress and bedding (thankfully we already had the furniture), and prepared ourselves for this transition. I really think he's too little to be sleeping in this bed, but I'm more scared of him falling again and really hurting here we are.

Night #1 was a nightmare. Up and down all night, LOTS of crying (sometimes him, sometimes me, lol), and very little sleep for either one of us. Last night was better. I fully expect tonight to go much better (wishful thinking, I know). One thing is for sure~ he's super proud of this bed, and wants no part of his crib anymore...but doesn't he look tiny sitting in that bed?

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  1. Those Hatcher boys could be the cutest kids in the history of the world! Looking forward to seeing you guys in November, just a few weeks away!