Friday, October 17, 2008

Circus Freaks

Last night we were invited to the Shrine Circus with our friends (who are more like an extension of our family). Amanda and I have been friends since around the 8th grade, and I love her mom and her brother like family too. Her new stepdad (who is a super great guy~ so wonderful to see for their family), Bob, is in the Shrine and wanted to take all of us. How very much fun we all had...the kids were spoiled completely rotten with cotton candy, super cool light sabers, and an elephant ride. Does it get much better than that? I don't think so.

We were very impressed with everything~ and especially loved the elephants, the crazy dirt bike guys in the giant hamster wheel, the trapeze artists, and tigers jumping through rings of fire. Wow. I think my jaw was hanging open even more than the boys' were. It was crazy.

On a funny note, notice the pic of me with the clown. Those of you that know me well know that I have an intense, unhealthy fear of clowns. Something that stems from a bad dream I had as a kid that I have never forgotten. Something that my family and friends have ridiculed for years, taunting me with scary pictures of clowns whenever they get the chance. Good friends, huh? :) Anyways~ last night was a step in the right direction of overcoming my fear, b/c these clowns weren't scary at all.

Fun, fun all the way around. :)


  1. what a big girl you are!!!
    clowns are our friends...except for that one creepy one that had paper mache head and face-he was scary.

  2. notice how far away i am from "homey" the clown...I was protecting us both!