Saturday, February 7, 2009


A couple months ago Aunt Reagan bought these booties for Hunter (and a pair for Hud too...unfortunately they didn't make them in Harrison's size), and he has been obsessed with wearing them EVERY DAY ever since. Every night when I'm getting him ready for bed he says, "need my booties! need my booties!" until I finally get them on his little feet. He even sleeps in them, which makes my feet hot just thinking about it. And every morning when we're getting dressed for the day he has a fit when I take them off. :)
I have to say they are pretty cute on him, and I'm not quite sure what we will do when he outgrows them (which should be any day now). The other night he was marching around the house, waving his arms in the air, and Brian started laughing and said that he looks like an 80's aerobics instructor...they do look a little like legwarmers on his little legs. Funny kid...maybe I should make a trip to Old Navy to see if they have them in the next size up.


  1. So cute! Maybe you should buy a pair bigger than Hudson's then you will have 2 more sets for Hunter!
    I loved seeing them today.

  2. I know how you feel about the booties. Jackson got a pair of rubber cowboy boots from Wal-Mart back in November that he just LOVES. Well, he has worn them out and I can't find any to replace them. He even wore them to church one Sunday! I have looked everywhere. If I find the right ones, they don't have his size. I am about to look on ebay to see if I can find some that are similar. He is heartbroken over his worn out boots.