Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at the Farm

Wow...what a week! Don't know about you, but it's been Christmas-palooza here. We were SO HAPPY to pick Daddy up at the airport on Tuesday, and the fun began then.

On Wednesday we loaded up the car and headed to Mimi and Papa's farm.
This pic of Hud is my favorite....he looks SO MUCH like pictures of his Daddy at this age....crazy how he can look like his Dad one minute, and my Dandy the next.
He's been smiling like this all week long. :) Then again, that's pretty typical for him.
You can see that the happiness was contagious, along with the cough these two are sharing. No worries, just a cold that is not slowing either one of them down at all. :)

And the oldest H was thrilled to be celebrating too. How can you not be?
A glimpse of how Christmas exploded on Thursday morning. ;) Wish I could remember what Mimi and Reagan were talking about....

Daddy, Hud, and Hunter playing Hud's new fishing game.

Aunt Reagan and Uncle Jon playing on his phone, I think.

And Beth REALLY likes her new Ugg boots that Todd gave her, don't you think? ;)

Hunter is a BIG FAN of his Uncle Todd, if you can't tell. :)

While we were having fun inside, this was happening outside.

I have been hoping for a white Christmas since we moved here over 20 years ago.

So happy it finally happened...made it truly feel like Christmas. Couldn't believe how beautiful it was, and glad we got to see my parents' farm covered in snow.

The boys were so surprised! New bikes for them from Mimi and Papa.
Hud was thrilled ...this is the first bike he's had
that isn't a hand-me-down from his big brother. :)
We had the best time, a wonderful start to a great week.

Hated to cut it short, but we were all a little worried about the weather and the roads, so we headed home a few hours earlier than planned.

The drive home was non-slick and BEAUTIFUL.

Until next time....

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