Monday, December 21, 2009

The First Noel

Last Friday Hud's class performed a Nativity play.
He got to be Joseph.
So very cute...he took his role very seriously. ;)

It was obvious that the whole class had worked very hard,
and they did such a great job.
That class is just SO CUTE. Each and every one of them. They all did great with their lines and singing the sweet.
After the play we had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party with a yummy lunch, cupcakes, party hats and all.

Hud sits in between these two little girls, Miss C and Miss R. I think they both mother him and take care of him, and he likes that a whole lot. ;)

For one of the crafts they made a Christmas tree out of an ice cream cone.
It was a huge mess, but totally worth it.
I think they preferred eating the icing and candy over making the tree,
but they all turned out cute.
Even Hunter took part in that craft, which thankfully kept him very busy.
And if you can't tell, he was super proud of that tree. :)

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  1. So refreshing to actually be able to celebrate the real reason for the season at school functions! One of the drawbacks of public school.

    Oh, and your little H's look so adorable! :)