Saturday, July 24, 2010

So....yes, that's H1. In a cast. That he got on the 2nd day of camp.
I know I wanted him home and all, but not this way. :(

It was a very long day, and is a long story....basically he had a bad fall where he landed on a rock, and broke his wrist. Going to spend the next 5 weeks in a cast. Bummer. But do you see that smile? This kid has taught me so much about having a good attitude...thankful for his heart, his happy spirit, praying that his arm heals quickly so that maybe he can get that cast off early.


  1. These are GREAT pics! I feel like I went to the Aquarium with you. What do I owe you for admission? You looked so cute and your boys are the best! Sorry to see about Big H's cast but what a man! Still smiling!
    Hunter looks just like your Mom. I see her smile like no other!
    How are you? I miss you and am completely terrible at writing. :( BOO ME - I'll work on that. HUGS HUGS - I miss you friend!

  2. FYI...When the cast does come off, have a fabreeze spritzer with you for the car ride home. You will understand then.
    Looks like you're haveing a good summer.