Saturday, July 24, 2010

Under the Sea... how we spent our Friday afternoon. At least, that's how it felt. We were actually at an aquarium. And it was amazing. We had heard that it was a must see, and since we had our nephew in town, we thought maybe we should check it out. It didn't disappoint. For the most part, I mean. It was REALLY crowded that day, which was kind of a bummer, but we made the best of it and saw some really great stuff.
See? H3 was "ooh-ing" over these fish. They were my favorite too....LOVED the Pacific Coral Reef exhibit the best.
H1 and H2 had fun looking at things through the magnifying glasses.

Not a great picture, but oh well....I'm usually the photographer,
so I guess it's good to pop in here every once in awhile.

My sweet hubs taking a pic of with his iPhone. Those fish were so beautiful....oranges and pinks and turquoise and yellow....proof that God has an amazing imagination. :)

This pic is kind of freaky....looks like my babies are about to get eating by that shark swimming our way. *shudder* ;) Thankful he was behind some really thick, strong acrylic, giving us the opportunity to get this close.

And this is my favorite pic of the day....and I almost didn't get it. Pretty cool, huh? :)

Happy Hud. :) Our resident Dr. Doolittle was totally in his element here.

This place was so cool.

One area had a hands-on exhibit. Hud liked getting to touch the starfish and sea urchins. Hunter liked playing in the water, Harrison (the ever-cautious one) wanted no part of that. :)

Goofy, Happy, and.....Grumpy.
Really, he was happy all day too, except for this one photo when he wanted to be hanging out with his cousin instead of posing for a pic. He didn't understand that I couldn't force Austin to be in the pictures, but I most certainly could make him.
Mean mom. ;)

So...we definitely give the Georgia Aquarium two thumbs up.
If it was more affordable for a big family like ours we would probably go a lot.
I am going to look into getting season passes....seems like the way to go, and something we all really enjoyed. Can't wait to go back on a day when it's not crowded so we can really make a day out of it and chill with the fish. :)

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