Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Stream of Consciousness Post

Because there is a lot swimming around in my brain right now, and it helps me to blog about it. I've been dealing with some health-related stuff lately. Thankfully nothing really serious or anything...more of a quality-of-life thing. Been having to make some decisions about medication vs. surgery...or maybe both. Trying the medication route for now, and we'll see what happens. Realizing how important these decisions are, and worried that I'll make the wrong one. But because I've been feeling pretty yuck and have had a lot of down time these days, it's also given me a lot of time to think, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, it's also given me a lot of time to over-think, which for me isn't so good. So far I think we've made the right decision, but the jury's still out. Time will tell.
Thank you for your patience. ;)
Things are hectic, and yet somehow still relaxed. Don't know how that works, but it does.
The littles watched a 3D movie at home...I had more fun watching them watch the movie.
See that white and black flowered thing behind the couch? That would be our ironing board. Which unfortunately seems to have become a permanent fixture in our family room these days.
I'm working on making sure to stay on top of the never-ending pile of ironing. Or learning to let go of my obsessive need to have everything in our house be wrinkle free.
I'm also considering buying a new ironing board cover that matches our family room decor. ;)

Hud started taking a cooking class at school. This kiddo loves to cook, and right now says he's going to be a chef when he grows up. I love that.
Mimi and Papa sent him an apron for him to wear to his class, with his name on it and everything. He is super proud of it and is loving the class.


Last night he helped me make dinner. We made one of the recipes he had made in class last week. Herb Chicken with Honey Butter. It was delicious. Eat your heart out, Bobby Flay. ;)


I made these blocks for a sweet, kindred-spirit friend. Actually, they are for the sweet baby boy she and her husband adopted in January. You can read their story here
if you'd like. I recommend you do, because it's amazing. I'm so excited about getting to meet Jax when we head to Texas next month for Spring Break.
Right now my sister and brother-in-law are fostering a darling baby girl. I've only seen photos of her, but can tell you without a doubt that it's love at first sight. And it's been like that for the entire family. She's already won her way into all of our hearts. We don't know if they are going to be able to adopt her or not. We're praying that they will, feeling that it is indeed the best thing for her. Trusting God with all of this, because we know that he really does know best. Waiting patiently for Reagan and Jon's miracle. :)


As you know, this one recently turned 10. I'm learning that the older they get, the more clueless I become. The infant and preschool stuff? Piece of cake. Getting up every 2 hours to feed a baby? Bring it. Poopy diapers. No big deal.

Pre-teen (tween?) drama? Help. Attitude? Seriously, help. Talking back? I'm thinking about running away for awhile. ;) Just kidding...thankfully our normally happy and outgoing son is still mostly his normal happy self. We're learning to deal with the times that he's not. And figuring out what to do during those times. And praying that this transition is quick. And relying on the advice of our parents and some other sweet friends who have already traveled this road and have lots of wisdom. Whew. :)


Our middle man is growing up. He has two very loose teeth. Thinking they should be out by the end of the week. Here he is showing us the "smolder." He learned that from watching "Tangled," one of our very favorite Disney movies. I'm having fun watching him gain more independence, making good friends at school, asserting himself more...he is SO the middle child. Easy, laid-back (unless his little brother is bugging him), doesn't want to do anything to rock the boat, still loves to snuggle. He's quite the artist...which makes this mama's heart very happy. Thankful that all 3 seem to know not to hit me with the hard stuff all at the same time. How considerate of them to take turns. ;)


Four is fun. One of my favorite ages. He's giving up nap time, but thankfully is taking a good long one right now. We have the rainy day to thank for that. His imagination is in full-force...and it's a total blast. :) We're having fun, and I'm soaking up every bit of this time with him.
Because I know from experience that this time goes by way too fast.

I love my people. :)
And I'll stop here...for now. Still lots to talk about. Be back soon.

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