Thursday, March 10, 2011


Enjoying a quiet morning with the littlest H.
With mismatched jammers and bedhead.
'Cause that's how we roll. ;)
And because he has a newfound interest in dressing himself, and I'm letting him run with it. Mostly. Have to admit that I'm impressed with the way he matched the colors. :)
We spent our morning playing made-up domino matching games.

Building REALLY tall towers.
And a game of Buzz Lightyear Operation.
I'm sorry to say that with all the buzzing and lights that were going off...
I don't think Buzz made it. ;)
And now, at 10:45, the little man has announced that he's to fix a snack.
Happy Thursday to you!

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  1. Love these glimpses into y'alls everyday mornings. I'm starting to really realize how precious, magical, and fleeting these "ordinary" days are. Thanks for the reminder!