Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beating a Dead Chicken

I almost did it.  I almost got through today without a public comment on the great Chickfila scandal of 2012.  (Oh,how I wish there was a sarcasm font...can someone please get on that? Thank you.;)  Way more thoughts than I can rightfully process have crossed through this head today (along with so many more unrelated thoughts than I can count).  Most of them not in anyway related to CFA at all, because there's more to life than chicken, right?

Although this little girl would probably you tell I'm exhausted?  That could prove badly for this post...let's see how it goes...

But yes, August 1, 2012 will go down in history as the first ever (at least, I think so) "I Support Chickfila Day," and although I haven't seen any reports of today's profits yet, I have a feeling based on the number of packed-out-restaurant photos posted on FB alone today that CFA had one of the best sales days in the history of the company.  Quite possibly in the history of all fast-food chains....but that's just a guess.  NO facts here, so please don't quote me. 

Did I go? Yes, I did....twice. ;) We really love that place. But before you jump to your own conclusions as to why I went, please give me a chance to tell you. I can tell you it wasn't to send a message to the people who disagree with Dan Cathy's convictions (even though I do agree with him), and it wasn't so much about helping them defend their freedom of speech rights as Americans.  Trust me...they didn't need my help.  Or anyone else's. They have held their own just fine.  Do you want to know why I went?  Here you go:

The CEO of CFA, Dan Cathy, answered a question he was asked about his personal beliefs about homosexuality.  He wasn't disrespectful in his answer. He didn't personally condemn anyone who believes differently than he does.  He answered a question honestly. The fallout from this answer has been huge and in my opinion, ridiculous.  And not helpful.  And quite possibly accomplishing the exact opposite of what we, as Christians, are supposed to be so busy doing. But because I frequent my local CFA on a ridiculously regular basis, I've become very accustomed to their customer service~ their friendliness, quality of work, cleanliness of the restaurants are like no other. Not one time have I ever witnessed an employee treating anyone in their restaurant with anything but genuine concern, care, and persistence in making sure each customer's needs have been met.  Each and every single one.  

CFA did not ask for this extra attention today. I believe it was Mike Huccaby (correct me if I'm wrong) who established this day in our history...but it doesn't really matter who, as long as it wasn't the restaurant itself.

So I needed to see what was going to happen today.  And when I pulled into our local CFA it was, of course, a madhouse.  But they were prepared for us, organized, eager and happy to serve.  Telling me more than once that it was "their pleasure" to serve us. They had grace under enormous pressure, and smiles on their faces.

It didn't take long for me to see that for them things were, quite frankly,
business as usual.

Which got me thinking about another guy, named Jesus, wondering what He would be doing today if he was still walking this earth with us.

Yes, I'm going to bust out the old, tired
(meaning What Would Jesus Do? for those out of the loop;)
Of course, I can't speak for Him, but based on his usual actions during his time here, I'm having a rough time believing he would just be hanging out at a CFA today. I'm pretty sure it'd be business as usual for Him too~ sharing the gospel, feeding the hungry,  healing, helping, LOVING. All of us.  Correcting and rebuking in love.

I'm quite certain that the (delicious) chicken sandwich I enjoyed for lunch today didn't win one person to Jesus. In fact, I'm positive about that. I hope it reinforced to a company I respect for standing up for their beliefs  that I will continue to do my part to help them. I also hope that it's the way I act in day-to-day life that might win hearts to Jesus.  That when I am loving them, regardless of choices, they will see a passion in me...a passion that makes them hungry to know more.To know this Jesus that I talk about....this Jesus who is so interwoven in me that they're not sure where I end and He begins.  That they won't understand or care how or why....but that they will crave it anyway.

This, friends, is my heart's cry.  That people will KNOW.  Because they see Him in me.
That they will trust I love them just the way they are. That I really don't care (and by "don't care," I mean I'm not judging lifestyle choices, sin weaknesses, and all the other stuff of earth). My prayer is that they see in  me, in this broken, healing, still-figuring-it-out, no-filter, worrier shell of a girl something so COOL in me, something they too HAVE to have...a relationship with the One who can heal, can change desires, can set us back on the path we strayed from. 

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12

So I ask you to do this.  To take the time you spent today supporting a cause and showing the world that there are Christians out there who are passionate and loving and kind, and then use those super powers for good. ;) For good that can really change lives.  
Be so contagious that others will want what you have.  
Love them.  
Listen to them. 
 Gently show them what Jesus intended. 
Point them to Him. 
He can take it from there.  
He's really fantastic at that. :)

No more mud-slinging, or hateful Facebook posts, or propaganda signs in your yard.
Because, let's face it....if we don't stop this passive-aggressive nonsense,
 that chicken sandwich I ate today could've very well done a better job at actually making a difference in a person's life, quite simply for the fact that it did what it was made to do: be a delicious, filling chicken sandwich that filled my tummy, making me hungry no more. ;)         Do what you were made to do. Be the difference that is life changing. 
Share the love of Jesus with others, point them to Him.  Live it out and show them the difference He is making in your life.  

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."
    Matthew 5:14-15


  1. VERY well said, Jaclyn! A non-Christian gay friend said that he looks at how Christians treat others - not at what comes from our mouths. We must live it out for (like you said) others to see in us what they would want for themselves.

    I think Jesus would have been nearby today - across the street from some CFAs - where there were protestors. He'd feed them and meet them where they were. He'd listen and offer to take on their burdens. He'd love them. And if we wish to be the only Jesus some may ever see, we might wanna do likewise.

    Again, well said. I was wondering if you were gonna post about it!

    And, (confession time) I went to CFA twice today, too! :)

  2. I second the "well said" motion.

  3. I agree totally with what you say but could not have worded it so perfectly. If no one came to Jesus yesterday I pray some got a glimpse of Him when Christians lovingly, politely, mannerly, happily took a stand. I cannot say Jesus would have gone to CFA but I do hope He was pleased with the ones who expressed their views as we did. I believe we will face more times in the future that we must make a choice as to whether we speak or whether we are silent. Your words are a definate "keeper" and I plan to share them if thats ok with you. I love your blog, I love your family pictures and I love your beautiful smile and how you view life. Wish you still lived in Texas! Linda Dixson

  4. I love how you beautifully put in words exactly what I was thinking today.

    One of the best posts on my FB was a girl that said "I bet if Jesus was here today, he would of had alot of Polynesian sauce" I know that this is sort of the opposite of what you said in your post, but it was nice to Jesus in a FB post yesterday!!

    Your boys are getting so big and so handsome!!

    -Amy S.
    Saginaw, TX