Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Be the Good Challenge: Details

Who's ready to spread a little love next month? :)

Earlier this month in this post and then again in this one I talked about an idea that I read from another blogger who did 40 acts of kindness in one day to celebrate her 40th birthday.  Her story inspired me so much that I decided to do something similar.   After talking to my Bible study girls and my sister Reagan, I was encouraged to really go for it.  What can I say? Go big, or go home, right?  ;) 


I've talked and written a lot about why we're doing this, but not much about how.  
Here's the how:

The details, or how we are doing this, at least: There are seven of us here locally who are going to work together.  We chose Saturday, Feb. 23 and are going to make a day of it.  Each of our families are responsible for choosing one thing to do for someone in the community, preparing anything needed and funding it.  It DOES NOT have to be an expensive thing....I've said several times that so often it's the little things that make the biggest impact, and I firmly believe that.  But the big things are cool too, so I'm not putting any $$ rules on anything.  That is up to the individual.  My family has chosen to take pizza and brownies to the fire station up the street. Why? Because my boys think firefighters are awesome and helpful, and who doesn't like pizza and brownies? ;) As a group we chose a couple of things to do with all of our kiddos as well~ we're going to make little bird feeders (sliced apples spread with peanut butter and dipped in bird seed) to hang in the trees at our local park and each of them are going to choose a book at the book store to donate to our library. There are LOTS of ideas out there: paying for the person in line behind you at the drive-thru, giving a gift card to a restaurant as someone is walking in, taking bagels and coffee to your co-workers, or your children's teachers, offering to babysit a friend's child so she can get a little alone time....these are just a few.

I can't wait to find out what my friends have decided to do.  And my sister and her friends have put together a group back in TX...this is going to be fun!  Think about it: spending ONE day blessing the socks off of unsuspecting people everywhere.  I love it.  Big things, little things.  People in need, people who aren't (as my sister said, it will be fun surprising people who aren't necessarily in need because hopefully they will see how fun it is, how much it means, and will be encouraged to do the same for someone else). All of us getting out of ourselves (our phones, computers, etc) to do for others.  To show people that yes, there really is just have to pay attention.  Except for these unsuspecting people we're targeting later this month.  They're about to be blindsided.  In a good way. ;)

The graphic above is free for your use.  Our group plans to print copies of it to attach to our acts of kindness, and we encourage you do to the same.  If you click on it and save it, you should be able to reprint it with no problem. If you do have trouble, let me know and I can email it to you.

Big picture (or my big dream): while I love the idea of choosing a date and working together all day, my hope is that this starts creating a different mindset for the everyday.  One where we are always on the lookout for how we can help someone else.  Whether it's picking up something a stranger drops and handing it back to him/her, giving a encouraging word and smile to the new mom who's struggling with a screaming baby at the grocery store, or going to visit a widow who might be lonely....the possibilities are endless.  And they all will make a difference.

We would LOVE for any of you who are interested to join us.  If you're local, you can join us, or form your own group.  If you're not local, you can put together your own group, or work alone, with your family, etc. If February 23 doesn't work for you, pick a day that does.  There really are no "rules" necessarily...these are just guidelines.  All I ask is that if you decide to join us that you let me know in a comment below here, or comment on the FB link to this post.  I'd love to know who is doing this with us and to be able to pray for you.

This is going to be big, people.  Real big. 

"Love is breaking through." -Chris Tomlin (from "Shepherd Boy," Burning Lights)

It is.  Just wait and're going to make a difference.  Be the good.

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