Sunday, March 24, 2013

Freshening Up

Yesterday the renovations on the inside of our house were finished, and we are so excited, and so happy with the results.  When we moved into this house 3 years ago, we were in love with the floor plan and the neighborhood, not so much in love with the inside of the house.  But B and I are a good team, and thankfully we have very similar taste, so deciding what we wanted to do was easy.  Being able to implement those ideas required patience, but it was definitely worth the wait.
We had the hardwood floors replaced (Hi Addy!;)

The counter tops were replaced with a solid surface material called Hi-Macs, and we re-tiled the backsplash ourselves.  B and I had a cute little helper. :)

 Last, we had the cabinets repainted.  When we painted the kitchen green after first moving in, it was with the intention of painting the cabinets black.  This before pic is not great, but hopefully you can tell that they were a natural finish, which wasn't the look we were going for. 

 I have to admit that the kitchen is my new favorite place to be now. :) 

 Spring is trying to make itself known here, but winter isn't ready to let go yet.  I thought maybe making a little something new for the front door might inspire the seasons to get themselves straightened out.  We'll see.

For those of you wondering about our Be the Good challenge, please know that it is still on.  Because I'm a dreamer and my dreams aren't always all that practical, we had to scale things back a bit.  Instead of one day full of acts of kindness, we decided it was best to do one thing a month.  That way more of us were able to participate, and we get to spread the love on a regular basis.

For this month's project, we decided to feed our little birdie friends.  This winter is holding on for dear life, and we thought maybe those little guys were needing a little extra help. 

Last Friday several of our group got together outside and made these bird feeders out of apple slices, peanut butter, and birdseed.  We then took them to a nearby park and let the kids run off some energy while decorating the trees with their feeders. :)

Hopefully the local birds have full tummies now. :) We'll be planning our April project soon.

Last Saturday was opening season for much we love this time of year. :)
And then we headed to church for the big Outdoor Expo that my hubs heads up each fun!
This year the head football coach for the Georgia Bulldogs, Mark Richt, was the guest speaker, and the boys (especially Hud) were so excited to meet him.  Coach Richt has a wonderful testimony and it was so cool to hear his story.  Made us love those dawgs even more. ;) Hud was able to get his football signed and it now proudly sits in a special display case on his dresser. And now his questions about starting tackle football in the fall have gotten a little more persistent. ;)  I think it's time.

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