Friday, August 10, 2007

first performance

Harrison participated in something called M&M Camp this week (M&M stands for music and missions). He was totally in his element~ three and a half days with his friends, having his favorite babysitter, Joy, for a group leader, getting to play basketball, sing, and even act in a couple of skits~ he was in heaven! Wednesday night was the big group concert, and he did great singing, and was REALLY liking the microphone when it was skit time. We might have created a monster with this taste of what it's like to perform on stage~I don't think he was kidding when told us he wants to be a rock star. I'll just be trying really hard to re-direct that desire into becoming a praise & worship leader instead!


  1. It was great to see and read about all the Hatcher boys.

    (not sure how this deal works but am tying something new).

  2. Harrison is definitely a performer. He loves to put on a show, whether it's Johnny Cash or his version of High School Musical he can always entertain you.
    Love, Mom

    Jac, keep up the good work. We love this.