Friday, August 10, 2007

water and fairies

I know, it sounds like a weird post, but any of you with kids have probably heard of the Nick show "Fairly Odd Parents." If you haven't, don't worry, you're not missing much. :) But Harrison and Hudson think it's greatness, and we made a special trip to NRH2O the other day just to be able to meet Cosmo and Wanda (the fairies) from the show. While waiting for them to come, we were told that Timmy had made a last minute wish, so they would be delayed. The boys were amazingly patient~ it helped that they got fake tatoos to put on while we waited, and when the fairies finally showed up, it was pretty fun. Hudson thought they were cool, and just stood there and stared in complete fascination. Harrison was a little freaked out by how big they were (he is SO my son) and told me that it would be better if I stood with the fairies while he took the pictures. :) After some encouragement, he agreed that meeting them would be more fun, and it was. They were super careful not to scrub off their tatoos during bathtime for the next several days.

Hunter is starting to think that maybe the water park is a fun place after all. He wasn't too sure at first~ all the noise, kids running everywhere, and the possibility of water shooting at you from any given direction is a little much for a six month old. But on this last trip he seemed to be coming around a little...I'm sure next summer it will be all kinds of fun. Before I know it, school will be starting, and another summer at the water park will be behind us.

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