Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Harrison the Home Run Hitter

All I can say is that the Astros rock~ Harrison is playing on a great baseball team this season. He is playing some awesome baseball, and they are all so much fun to watch. So far they are undefeated, and loving every minute of it.

Tonight my baby hit his first home run of the season~ and I missed it. It was a late game tonight, and Hudson had fallen asleep early (he had been sent to time out for not obeying, and fell asleep~ clearly he was very tired!) so I had to stay home. My sweet Mom offered to come over so I could go, but I sent her on because she's about to go to Missouri to visit Momo, so I wanted her to get to watch him tonight. And apparently I missed one amazing game...Way to go Harrison!!!

1 comment:

  1. Harrison hit an amazing home run and then slid into home plate. Reagan and I went crazy, jumping up and down like idiots but we didn't care. We are so proud of you, H!
    Love, Mimi