Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Zoo Fun...

Last Friday was Harrison's first grade field trip to the zoo. All five of us went, which was greatness. It was a beautiful day, REALLY CROWDED though. Brian is not at all a fan of big crowds, but he was a trooper, and overall, it was a great day.

Some highlights:
*Seeing Harrison hanging out with his friends~ he really is growing up.
*Watching Hudson feed the birds in the "Birds of Paradise" exhibit~ it was so cool! You get these sticks covered in honey and sesame seeds, and then watch as the birds come right up to you and eat off your stick. Hudson climbed trees (I'm surprised we weren't asked to leave) to get to some of the birds, and in true Hudson fashion, showed no fear.
*Hunter's excitment over the flamingos~ what is it with us and those flamingos? We all love to watch them. He is especially a fan.
* The five of us getting to spend a whole day together~ something that is getting harder and harder (already) to come by.

A couple lowlights:
*When I say Harrison is growing up, I'm not kidding. This was the first time that he way preferred being with his friends over hanging out with us. I kind of felt like the rest of us were a bunch of fifth wheels. I felt really torn between wanting him to want to hang out with us, and trying to accept that his friends are becoming more important, and just letting him have fun with them. Yuck.
*It really was so stinkin' crowded, making for a more stressful day. Not to complain, but you know how you get a picture of how a day will be all set in your head, and then the reality is nothing like it? That's kind of how it was.

But, all in all, fun memories where made, and it was a beautiful day to be outside. Fun was had by all...

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