Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Toothless Joe and the End of the Spikey 'Do

We've reached a monumental moment at the Hatcher house today (two, actually). Finally, after weeks and weeks of wiggling, he lost a top tooth today. I told him last week that sometimes the tooth fairy gives more money for top teeth, and that was all the motivation he needed. We'll see what she brings him tonight. :)

Also, you may have noticed in other posts, but Harrison has been growing his hair out this summer. That probably sounds like a weird thing to say about a boy, but those of you who know us well know that he has sported a spikey hairdo since birth. My friend Tomi nicknamed him "chicken head" when he was tiny because his blonde hair has always stood up like a little chicken's. Ever since it has been his signature hairstyle, and we never left the house without it fixed.

After school let out in June, Harrison asked me if he could let it grow out for the summer. Several of his friends have longer hair, and I understand why he wanted to do it. I hated it at first, and told him that we would probably cut it off before school starts. He agreed to that, and now I admit that I'm really starting to like it. He has some natural wave, and it's getting blonder from being outside so much...pretty cute. I'm still not sure what to do with it, but have learned that leaving it alone works best. Here I am losing a little more of my control freakiness.

He's really growing up...who knew that something like losing a tooth and changing a hairstyle could make this mom so emotional...

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