Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventures in "Scootering"

It is SO BEAUTIFUL outside today, so I thought we'd take advantage of it and walk to Harrison's school to pick him up. Hud thought it was a great idea as well, so we loaded Hunter in the stroller, grabbed his super cool Spiderman scooter, and off we went. Well, sort of. There were several stops along the way (he quickly went from telling me "This scooter makes me so happy, Mom!" to "I don't like this scooter anymore." in about five minutes. Thankfully, it's little so I could just store it in the basket of the stroller, and we continued. We also counted (and stopped at) every single fire ant bed along the way. And worked on our balancing skills as we walked along the curb. Fascinating stuff when you're a four-year-old little boy. Finally, about 30 minutes later (the school is not even a mile away) we made it, dropped Hud off at speech, and I sat down outside the door with Hunter. Before I knew it, Harrison had picked up Hudson and we were together again for the long walk home. We decided to stop off by the library for a couple of books, and then stomped on all 17 ant beds on the way home. I had another confirmation that I was made to be a boy mom when I realized that I was just as fascinated by those crazy fast ants as the boys were. A good day.

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