Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Never Underestimate the Power of a Dum-Dum Sucker

There's a certain hour in our house that I've affectionately nicknamed "the witching hour." :) It's that time of day that everything seems to fall apart, and it always happens around the time that I'm making dinner. Today seems to be a particulary bad case. Hunter had pooped for the second time in one hour, but was polite enough to come and tell me (think it's time to potty-train?), and Harrison and Hudson were fighting over who gets to wear a tupperware bowl on their head (you can see from the picture that Harrison won that one), all the while I'm online trying to come up with something new and creative to make with chicken. Oh, and Hunter was insisting that I carry him all over the house. AGHHHHGHHHH!

SO...I pulled out my saving grace~ suckers. Those little balls of sugary goodness never fail me. Call me a cop-out mom, a bad mom, whatever. My house is quiet, I've found my recipe, dinner is cooking, and I'm now blogging. Dum-Dums=Peace. :)


  1. Yea for dum dum suckers! Every mother should have a jar full of those. They were good for teachers too until the state decided we couldn't give the students candy anymore. The Tori and Dean watch party sounds fun and, yes, I just started the Twilight series yesterday. I can't put it down!

    Lee Ann

  2. Funny - we have the same witching hour in our house - seriously! I've often had to crank up the music & tune out the chaos just to get dinner done & on the table. I think I'll use your Dum Dum idea - it's golden!