Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Boy Haircut

Hunter will be two in two months (REALLY?!?) and he has never had an official haircut. My friend Tomi has given him a much needed trim once, but that has been it. This week I noticed that his hair was hanging in his eyes, and looking really shaggy, so I took it upon myself to give him a trim. Big mistake. I totally messed his hair up. And I had loved it so much~ I'm still in mourning.

Monday afternoon I took him for a haircut, begging the girl to just trim what she had to in order to even up what I had messed up, thinking it will grow back eventually to the awesome hair he had before. He was a champ through the whole thing, and we left, my baby looking like a little old man with a combover. So sad.

Today I played with it a little and gave him a messy, curly spikey 'do. His hair is so different from the boys, I don't know what to do with it. But we're figuring it out, and he's looking pretty cute, just too old. My baby is growing up.

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