Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eli the Elf (On the Shelf)

A new tradition started in the Hatcher House night~ The Elf on the Shelf. I posted about this earlier this month (check out the Elf on the Shelf post).

We had a great Thanksgiving day at Nana's house~ had a wonderful meal, took a walk to the park to let the kids (and us!) play for awhile, threw rocks and sticks in the lake by her house, came back for pumpkin pie...greatness. When we got home it was time to start our new tradition. Out came the Elf and the book that accompanies him. Brian read the story to them, and Harrison and Hudson were completely intrigued. Hunter was curious for awhile, but then had other things to do, like steal the camera away from me. :)

Anyway, the boys named our elf Eli, and we placed him on top of the tv for his first night in our house, on duty. Hud is not quite sure what to think of him, I think he is a little freaked out, yet fascinated at the same time. He wouldn't talk to him, didn't want to touch him, and asked Brian to move Eli so that he wasn't staring at him. Too funny. :) He's apparently got a little of his mama in him. :) I think he is darling though, and love that he is all retro-y and cute. We'll see what kind of effect he has on the Hatcher boys...

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