Saturday, August 29, 2009


Maybe a little...not sure why. Think it's possibly because I am SO READY for Fall to be here that I can hardly stand it, and there's something about the weather changing that makes me want to make new things, reorganize, do some hard cleaning, etc.
I was inspired at last week's Hot Metal Mama's class, and my sweet friend Susan suggested I make something with the metal using the boys' handprints. I thought it was a fabulous idea, and am shocked that I actually got it done so quickly. How very out of character of me! :)
What do you think? I love their signatures inside each handprint...
so thankful I have those frozen in time. :)

Here's a closeup of Hunter's. His hand is getting way too big already.

Remember these pillows I found and fell in love with in Santa Fe?

Turned them into some frames to go over our bed, hung those fun lanterns, and rearranged things this week. Still need to get a few things for this room (more things for the wall, a shelf or two, and a lamp for sure) but I think it's coming together nicely. And now that it is all rearranged, I really want to paint it!

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  1. Love #36 ~ I mean why celebrate mediocrity? That's why I hate Kindergarten graduation....It's Kindergarten! :)