Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New Kids at School

It's hard to believe the day came this fast, when my oldest and my middle started a new year school. They are at a new school this year, and we are really excited about it!
We got off to a bit of a stressful start this morning (Hud wasn't jazzed about being up and at 'em at 6:30, but he pulled it together and got excited) but the first day ended up being a giant success!

Seriously, how is it possible that he is in kindergarten?
Sweet baby, who's not such a baby anymore.

And this one is getting way too grown up...he wanted to know why he has a spot for his cell phone on his backpack, but no cell phone to go in it.
I told him to stop trying to grow up so fast.

I was worried about Harrison this's tough being the new kid in school (I did that a lot, and remember what it felt like) but he handled it like a champ. Big smile, no nervousness that I could see...I could learn a thing or two from this kiddo.
He did awesome, and can't wait to go back tomorrow. :)

Hud had a moment when he wasn't too sure....
looked a little nervous or unsure, but it wasn't long before...

...He was back to his normal, happy, Huddy self. :)
He also loved school, and says he can't wait to go back tomorrow.
And me? Looks like I survived another first day of school. I cry every year (this year was the hardest having two going all day) and am always so relieved when we get past the first day.
It's not easy to let go....
feels like I'm leaving my heart there with them.
Hopefully, they can feel that. :)


  1. So glad the boys had a good day at school and that you survived the first day too! It's so much easier when they are happy.

  2. ughhh....

    i teared up. just yesterday my little man was sitting at his little desk with his name neatly and lovingly printed out by his teacher. he wore a yellow polo with navy shorts, and a spikey little hair do.

    how is it that the little linebacker is already off? sweet little huddy. and my chicken head, when did he aks if he could grow up? i don't recall, cause i woulda told him "no way man!"

    so happy they had a great day. hope your days get happier and more realaxed. :)

    love to all your little men-and you can tell the big one that i like him too! :)

  3. Why a new school? Did you guys move?
    Glad they had a good day. Hope you and H3 can have some good times too.