Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning

Santa brought Hunter a train table and cute little train set...hard to believe that after having 3 boys he's the first one to have any interest in trains at all.
And so thankful that Santa opted for this cute wooden set instead of the
Thomas series...those trains give me the creeps. ;)

Can you tell Harrison was a little excited about this gift? :)
He has wanted a Nintendo DSi for I don't know how long. Thankfully, Santa came through this year, and Mom and Dad took care of a couple games to get him started. Amazing how the older they get, the smaller and more expensive their gifts get.
And we're just getting started.

One of my gifts from Brian was an Edward action figure from New Moon.
My clever husband printed out a picture of his own face, cut it out, and taped it over Edward's face. I have always said that Brian is my Edward.... ;)
I had no idea that was coming, and as you can see it made me laugh hard. :o)

Hudson was equally as excited about his DS, and thrilled that it was red, which is his current favorite color. I love how easy it is to please these three, and how very excited they get about everything, from the big gifts to the candy in their stockings.
And my "biggest boy" ;) was pumped about his new Wii fishing game. These boys sure do love a video game.

So happy that Mimi and Papa came over to enjoy Christmas morning with us!

It wasn't long before the tiny one was ready for some down time. Thanks to Mimi and Papa, he is now decked out in Toy Story blankets, pillows, etc. Happiness.

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  1. So fun to see your sweet family. Your mom looks like one of your sisters!! She is as hot as her girls!! love you guys!