Monday, April 5, 2010

Playing catch up....

Our last couple weeks in Texas were FULL of fun and making lots of memories.
The boys had their first of two Spring Breaks
(they are on their second right now~ lucky ducks)
Harrison and Papa spent a couple days at the farm, working hard, having some fun.... this picture of them napping in the recliner.
They had worked hard, and were beat.
I took the boys to the zoo....LOVE, LOVE this one of Hud
(a.k.a. The Bird Whisperer.) :)

Love this one too.....Hud and Hunter were both "mid-flap" (their wings, that is)
in this one.

These two LOVED it when Papa would put them on the fridge..
.and so, of course, he did that often.

We celebrated my Mom's birthday....she looks more like my sister than my mom. :) , Love, LOVE her.

The original Hovis family. :)

And last, Harrison got to enjoy a two-day field trip to Log Cabin Village. They had been studying "Little House in the Big Woods" at school, and this field trip was their reward for all of their hard work. They had to dress as authentic as possible, bring their lunch in a pail, and square danced for all of the parents too. Priceless.

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