Tuesday, July 5, 2011

She's a Grand Ol' Flag

And we really love to celebrate her. :)
I love a holiday. Any of them. But there are extra special memories associated with July 4th.
Mostly, those memories are of my childhood...we spent a couple weeks at my grandparents' house in Missouri every summer, and there are a couple of odd things I associate with the time I spent there: the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and fireflies.
Wimbledon because somehow it always seem to fall when we happened to be there.
Fireflies, because I don't remember seeing them anywhere but in my Momo and Dandy's backyard, which just solidified the already growing idea in my head that it was indeed a magical place. Trust me, it was.

I also remember spending the Fourth of July there....don't think it was every summer, but several of them. Lots of happy memories of fireworks, and fried chicken, and summer nights on their back patio, enjoying strawberries and watermelon, my Momo's apple pie, listening to the Royals' baseball games with my Dandy on the radio. My Mom, my aunt and uncles, cousins, sisters....happy. Simple really...nothing extravagant. That's not us. Just lots of love, lots of laughing, lots of time together. Something I treasure.
And something I want to continue with these 4 guys that God has so richly blessed me with.
So that's what we did. Celebrated a very important day in our nation's history by just being together. Talks with the boys about how much we have to be thankful for, and about the men and women who sacrifice their everything so we can enjoy life here with our everything. Little American flags and pinwheels humbly stuck in our front flower beds. A cake with a flag on it, made out of blueberries and strawberries. Dinner with some sweet friends, and our own little fireworks show right in our front yard. ;)

This guy right here? He loves fireworks. REALLY loves them. The past several nights our neighbors have put on quite a show....honestly it sounded like a warzone. And each night I'd find him sitting in a rocker on our front porch happily watching the display. You gotta love those rednecks....and we're thankful for the beautiful (albeit LOUD) show we got every night this weekend. ;)

And now I feel the need to assure you that we are a safety first family. :) As much as the boys would LOVE to be right in the big middle of Daddy lighting the fireworks last night, it was a no-go. They were allowed to help set them up, then back to the porch to watch as he lit them.
I don't really understand this need they all 4 seem to have to blow things up. Don't think I'm made that way. ;) However, I can appreciate the beautiful results of all the blowing up.

Love these guys. Love days like this that are happy, and fun, and peaceful.
Just being together at home. Simple and perfect.

They were thrilled when it was finally time for sparklers. :)


Life here is crazy. And funny. And loud. And silly. And...tiring. ;)
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Love that you have such happy memories of our summers at mom and dad's, we did have some fun times. Looks like you all had such a good time yesterday, making happy memories :)