Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This morning I was driving the boys to school, 
and just as we were coming over the hill before their turnoff,

we saw this.

I dropped the boys off and then pulled into a parking lot so I could take a photo, knowing that this isn't something you see every day.  It was really overcast, but there was this beautiful space where the sky literally opened up, allowing the sun to shine through...reminding me that God is here.

 That He loves us.
That He cares about the details of our lives, and that He loves to remind us of that as much (or more) as we love (need) to be reminded. Today I am thankful that He did this to remind me that He's here....it's been a little dark and gloomy in my head the past few days, and I really needed this.
 So while the world around me was starting a new day, hurrying to this place or that....I stopped.
It's not something I would usually do...it's not something I'm good at.
I'm always in a hurry, but for what?
Not sure.

We've already established that I'm a procrastinator, a worrier, a constantly-running-late-er. ;)
So often I'm telling the boys to hurry, hurry, we're going to be late!  Again.
This morning, in His own special way....God told me it's time to stop.
Stop running.
Stop worrying.
Stop hurrying.
Just stop.

So I will. :)
I don't know how easy it's going to be to stop my old habits, but we're working on it a little at a time.
Yesterday I fell out of the car.  Yes...you read that right.  It had been raining, and I was wearing flip flops.  Hunter and I pulled into the garage, I opened the door, stepped out...and boom. My feet slipped right out from under me, and my rear end hit the concrete floor of our garage.  Hard. My arm got caught on the step of our SUV, my lower back hitting that same step on the way down.  And while I don't consider myself particularly graceful, that was the first time I've fallen in a very long time.  What did I do?  I cried.  Hard.  Partly out of pain, partly out of embarrassment, but mostly out of frustration. And I quite possibly scared my youngest half to death.  I later apologized for that. ;)  Thankfully I'm just fine.  Really sore (wow) but fine...nothing broken...just bruised. And jarred.  Today I'm even more sore, so rest has been required. Maybe that was a preemptive (and admittedly, necessary) move before the "stopping" lesson I was going to get today.   Hard to admit, but it would take something like this to get me to slow down and listen. Ouch.


Today has been relaxing...a little laundry, a little tv, some vacuuming, and oh~
I got to play a little ball with this guy.
He asked if I would go out and help him practice batting and I happily stopped what I was doing so we could head outside.  It's just what we needed.
And although I know there will be days when our schedules are ridiculously busy~ right now we're elbow-deep into baseball season, karate practices, school projects and tests and presentations~ on the days when we get a reprieve from the crazy,
I'm going to relish in it.

For I know that the days of seeing Squinkies lined up for battle are numbered.
These boys are growing up way faster than I'd ever choose.

And a last minute  weekday play date at the park with best buddies
will be a thing of the past when two of these three cuties start kindergarten next year.

In a flash, this one will finish his 5th baseball season...

...and this darling gap-toothed boy will have grown up teeth very soon.

So I'm stopping today.  I'm hanging with my baby boy and looking forward to an afternoon with my bigs, talking about their day at school, making dinner for our party of five, helping with homework, just doing life.  Life a little slower, a little more purposeful, and a lot more focused on what's most important.

And because I promised, here's a peek of my (official) brand-new niece and nephew:
Introducing Miss Bailey Isabella

and Mr. John Finnley (better known as "Finn").
I know...they couldn't be any more darling, could they? :)
We're totally in love.
I couldn't be a more proud Aunt Jac. ;)

And these cousins are crazy-mad-nuts about each other.
Two sisters' dream come true. :)
I can't wait to share our Spring Break with you...it was greatness.
Magical. :)
Back soon.