Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Mother's Day

It's been a perfect (by our standards;) weekend around here.
My boys sure to know how to make this mom feel incredibly special. :)

It's kind of weird how much free time you have when other people are taking care of your jobs for the day.  Lol...lots of time for blogging, I watched a whole movie ("The Vow"~ sweet, and good...two thumbs up) with minimal interruption.  That is a gift all in itself.

It's also given me plenty of time to think, and it wasn't long before my mind drifted to the people who have taken time to invest in me.

And as I think about how much I love being a mom, how crazy-happily-blessed I feel
for being trusted with the awesome (and sometimes scary;) 
responsibility of caring for these three:

 I immediately think about the moms who influenced my life in different ways.

First and foremost, my mom, who not only taught me how to be a mom,
but also showed me how to take joy in the little things,
how to cook and clean and take care of my family,
how to give without end to the people I love,
and showed me just what sacrificial love looks like.
She filled me (and still does) with more love than I can carry.
She is equally as amazing as a Mimi,
and the boys are crazy about her. :)

I'm thankful for my mother-in-law,
who taught me to look for the adventure in everything,
and how to be courageous no matter what comes my way.
Most importantly, she raised an incredible son
who turned into the love of my life.
I'm forever grateful. :)
She's one special Nana as well. :)

I'm thankful (and missing even more today) my Momo...
the one who taught me how to love life and embrace every part of it,
to find humor in just about everything,
to love without end,
that being feisty sometimes is good,
and who was always my safe place to talk about anything (and boy, did we;)
I miss her like crazy.

My Aunt Becky,
who loves me like her own,
has taught me to look at things from different perspectives,
and taught me to be selfless and generous;
plus, she's lots of fun. :)

And of course, without this guy
I wouldn't be a mom. :)
He makes me feel loved, and beautiful, and special,
and I love that God chose him for me.
I am so incredibly thankful to get to walk this life with him,
and that we get to raise this crazy bunch together. :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there...take time to 
thank the ones that got you were you are today. :)


  1. Beautiful post Jac - made me tear up. What a lovely family...

    1. Thanks, Susan. :) I hope your first Mother's Day as a grandma was as special as you are.