Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I left last Friday afternoon for a scrapbooking retreat that I have been looking forward to for several months now. I went for the first time last year, and LOVED it so much, that I couldn't wait to go back this year. Of course, I never handle being away from my boys very well, but I know that the time away is a good break for me, and it's good for them to get time with Brian, so once I'm gone I'm usually good to go. Not so much this year.
The first day I was fine~ laughing with friends, enjoying the peace, loving that I could totally focus on getting caught up on my scrapbooks, which is seriously like therapy for me. And I admit that it was nice not having the interruptions of, "Hey Mom, could I have a _____?"(fill in the blank with whatever you want, b/c this question gets asked a lot, and the blank is always different), or having to break up an argument, or even to have to stop to change a diaper, or to take Hud to the bathroom. Again.
I slept great that night, with no 2 am tap on my shoulder, no cries from a crib...just quiet. But the next morning, when I should have woken up refreshed and ready for another day, I woke up feeling very lonely, which is a strange feeling when you're sharing a house with around 28 people. I tried to shake it off by reminding myself that I would be home the next day, but it didn't work. At around 3:00 that afternoon, as I was in the middle of scrapbooking Hunter, I'd had enough. I missed my boys. Way too much. So much, that I decided that I had to get home that night. And when I got home that night, everyone was already asleep. I checked in on Harrison and Hudson, tucked them both in and kissed them goodnight. Then when I went in to see Hunter, he woke up and rolled over. I picked him up and I swear he gave me his first real hug. Both of those sweet arms wrapped around my neck, with that little face buried in my chest...totally worth a late-night drive home. I carried him off to bed with me, crawled in next to my sweet hubby, and happily drifted off to sleep.
I learned something this weekend. I learned that all the sleep-deprived nights, the refereeing, the cleaning up after, and any other not-so-fun part of parenting is totally worth all the benefits. There is nothing better than being with my family. I still think it is essential for a mom to get a break every once awhile~ I know it definitely makes me a better mom~ I also know that it makes coming back home to reality even sweeter.

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  1. My Night With the Boys

    My lovely wife failed to mention a rather funny story. While she was away at her retreat I manned the boys. Friday night, after finally getting the kids to bed, I got in bed around 9:40pm. (Don't say it, it's sad.) Well, Hunter decided to wake up at 10:00, 11:00 and then around 1am decided he couldn't really find a comfortable spot in our king-sized bed. So, I scooped him up and put him in his bed where he finally seemed happy. I was too because I was no longer getting hands to the face and feet to other areas of my body. Hudson then decided it was time for the day to start at 4am. He sat out in the living room half hollering half whining for me to come turn the TV on for him. I resisted. At 5 am I finally gave up and went to turn Tom and Jerry on for him because it is good for a 3 year old to watch senseless cartoon violence in the dark by himself. At this point, Hunter decided to start his day at 6 am. I got up, fed him, sat down on the couch with the boys and the four of us watched Spongebob and fishing. Harrison had been woken up by Hudson's whining at this point. Surprise surprise, Hudson was rubbing his tired eyes before 8 am. At about 10am I discovered that Hunter had finally gotten his tooth, very exciting moment. I took a picture of him with my phone and sent to Jaclyn with a message that said: "Mommy I got my tooth" Thank fully she didn't point out that he was still wearing the same outfit he had spent Friday in. Around 11:30 am I get a call from Jaclyn at the retreat that went like this:

    "Hey honey I love the picture."
    "yeah, pretty exciting. How is it going?"
    "Pretty good, I just got up ."

    I think I hung up at that point.

    As glad as I am that she got to go, there have been few times I have been happier to have her come home.