Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some stuff I made...

I can't believe I'm posting these, but apparently I am. Since my "Papered Blessings" blog hasn't been touched since I orginally started it, I'm thinking I may just post some things here from time to time so you can see what I'm up too. Please feel free to leave your comments, critiques, whatever~ I appreciate the input!

This first one is a scrapbook layout I will be teaching at the store. We've had several requests from customers for friends layouts, and I thought it would be fun. Since I mostly scrapbook the boys at home, it's fun branching out and doing some other things. I think I enjoyed doing a girly-themed one way more than I thought I would! This one is of my friend Tomi~ she and I share a love for scrapbooking, and really all things creative, and dream of one day having our very own store. Maybe someday...that would be so fun. She's been my friend for a very long time (nineteen years She is my "person"~ any of you out there who are Grey's Anatomy fans will understand what that means. I'm thankful for her friendship, her honesty, the way she loves my boys...she's awesome.

This second thing is my attempt at a canvas I saw on this website ( that you have to check out. Sandra and Debra are AMAZING, and have inspired me big time. I can only hope to have an ounce of the talent they have. I love how their blog inspires me to try new things~ and this is my first try.

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  1. These look great Jaclyn. I love the one of us. You think that I could get a copy of that? You did a fab job with the flowers too. You are so good at that. Love ya bunches!!!~tom