Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have hestitated to tell any of my friends about our new addition, because I knew I would have to deal with all kinds of ridicule over this because of the Lucy and Mia experiences...but yes, we have gotten a dog. It's something we have been talking about for about a year, taking our time to get the "right" one that the boys could grow up with, that I could take walking with me, etc. After several conversations between Brian and me about commitment to this no matter what, we agreed that it was a good idea, that the timing was right. Seriously, I'm a changed woman in the pet department...I understand if anyone of you needs time for me to prove myself. :)

We rescued Addy. Some friends of ours, the Cameron's, found her alone wandering in a field, and took her home. They hung signs all over the neighborhood, and several days went by with no one claiming her. I overheard Inger talking about her to someone in Sunday School a couple weeks ago, saying they had found a puppy and were trying to find a good home for her. Her husband Bruce is allergic, or they would have kept her themselves. We talked for awhile, and decided to set up a meeting. The next night they brought her over, and we all fell in love with her~ Brian, Harrison, and me pretty much right away, and Hudson and Hunter have now caught up and are loving her as well. She is all black, and looks like she is mostly lab, but might have some border collie in her. We're not sure...we just know she's smart, super cute, and very sweet.

Thankfully the Cameron's were willing to keep her through the week for us since Brian and I were going out of town, and I didn't have the heart to dump a new dog on my poor mom (or Nana for that matter, even though she's used to taking care of a pet or two). We went to pick Addy up on Friday, and have to say that she is settling in quickly. Potty training is going well, she sleeps all night in her crate, and really only gets wound up when we first let her out in the morning. She likes to lay around, which is greatness, and is a big fan of laying down in her bed, at our feet, wherever. Today she and I went on our first walk, and she did pretty good. She's not proving to be much of a guard dog yet (tucked her tail between her legs and ran whenever she saw another dog) but she did well on her leash, so that's okay. She's a sweet-natured, gentle puppy, and we are glad she's part of our family.

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  1. Oh Jac! She is really cute! I am so excited for you-I hope she is as fabulous as my Zoey! If not, I hope that she doesn't see the same fate as Regis and Kathy Lee....I don't think that your plumbing could handle it! hee hee hee!!!!