Monday, February 11, 2008

Lego Wizard

One of Hud's favorite things to do is to watch his big brother put together Legos (which is Harrison's very favorite thing to do). He amazes me in how he will just sit there and patiently watch Harrison put them togther, in complete fascination. Right now the two of them are really into the Star Wars Legos, and Hudson loves the little Lego men that come with them. He will pick one and carry it around with him all day, take a nap with it, a bath, eat dinner, etc. I've had to quickly educate myself on what Storm Troopers, Clones, Droids, and all these other Stars Wars characters are so that I can keep up with them.

So anyway, Hudson had some money from an early birthday gift from Momo, and wanted to buy his own Lego set. He picked out a Star Wars set of course, and I helped him put it together when we got home. Then I became the one who was fascinated watching him at work. Those little fingers meticulously putting each piece together, concentrating hard on the instructions to see exactly where they went. I helped guide him, but he did the work, and before too long he had completed his first Lego set, complete with four Rebel troops (I think...I'm still learning) that he had put together all by himself. It was a very proud moment for both of us. I am amazed at his patience and determination...he does not give up. And one of those Rebel guys have played with us all day long. ;)


  1. I as so proud of you, my sweet Hudson. You did a great job and I can't wait to see it in person.
    Love, Mimi

  2. You better learn about those dang Jedi Knights and all that mess, or your boys will look at you like you are a ding dong like mine does. I will say though, that Lego's will take over your house but they will entertain your boys for a VERY long time....and who doesn't love an entertained boy?

  3. "and who doesn't love an entertained boy?"