Friday, February 15, 2008

My Best Friend

Something happened tonight in the car that, as a mom, I have always hoped for. We were on our way to drop Harrison off at a birthday slumber party for his friend Aidan. He and Aidan have been friends practically since birth~ they are just a few weeks apart and have always been in Sunday school together. I have a picture of them at about 9 months old, side by side in exersaucers~ pretty stinkin' cute. But anyway, I'm getting distracted...

Harrison was telling me that he didn't want to miss our family Sunday School party we were having tonight, but that Aidan was one of his best friends, and he just couldn't miss his party. I told him that I thought he had made the right decision, and then asked, "One of your best friends? Who are your other ones?" He was looking out the window, and said, "You know Mom, Hudson is my number one best friend. Then Aidan, and then Brandon L." You see, Hudson absolutely adores his big brother, so it was so great to hear that the feeling is mutual. :)

I love the fact that I have three boys, because it was so much fun being one of three girls growing up. And we are so close now. And even though there have been times over the years that I thought I would have to strangle my sisters, they are so very important to me. I consider them by closest friends, and can't imagine my life without them. There's nothing like the bond we have from getting to grow up together, knowing all of (I think) each other's secrets, sharing the same parents, knowing we will always be there for each other. And now, getting to be a mom and watch my kids develop those same bonds~ it's pretty amazing.

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