Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at the Farm

So...we headed up to my parents' farm in Bowie at around 9:30...ready for Christmas #3. When we arrived everyone was all ready to open gifts, so we got right to it. Harrison ripped through his in no time, and was so excited by everything (he's so fun to watch b/c he has the best reactions). He was especially pumped about his new MP3 player from Reagan and Jon, but had said over and over that this had been the best Christmas EVER all around. Greatness.

Hunter got the new Elmo Live from Mimi and Papa, and it was just about the cutest thing ever watching him talk to Elmo, and listening to Elmo talk to him (check out the pics of that). Hudson was is usual sweet self, excited about everything, and wanting to play with each thing as he opened it. After the boys were done with their gifts, Mimi and Papa told them that there might be one more thing outside for them, and that they needed to check. So off we headed to the garage, and when the door opened, there were 3 new electric cars for the boys to drive sitting in there! You should have heard the squealing! And off they drove to check out their new rides. :) Such a great surprise!

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner (Mom is so good at that~ the turkey, dressing~ my favorite, green beans, potatoes, apple pie, etc. etc. etc.). Needless to say, we all ate more than we should, and were stuffed. After dinner we went on a hay ride of sorts (there was no hay) on Dad's trailer that he pulled with his tractor~ so funny, but fun at the same time.

Later that night the grownups played Scrabble and the Wii (hilarious), while the boys played with all of their new toys. They were so good, which made the trip even better.

Brian and talked on the way home the next day about how this was the best farm trip we had had in a long time. It's always fun to get away, but this time was even better. Playing games with Jon & Reagan, Todd & Beth, and Mom & Dad was so fun, the hayride was goofy but lots of fun...we laughed a lot, and it was great.

We are so incredibly blessed, all the way around, with family who love us, with more gifts than we deserve, with the most wonderful way to spend the celebration of our Savior's couldn't have been better.

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