Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning

So fun! After the Christmas Eve service we went to look at Christmas lights. They were beautiful, and it was so funny listening to Hunter. He is obsessed with lights of all kinds, and all the different colored ones just about made his little head explode. :) "Geen lights! Boo lights! Re lights" (Hunter speak).

Then we headed home to get settled for Santa's visit. We had a slumber party in our room that night, as a way to insure that the boys wouldn't be up too early. Last year Brian and I were awakened to them playing with the toys Santa had brought. Not cool. Harry and Hud slept on a pallet on the floor, and Hunter slept in bed with us. It was kind of a long night, but made a great memory.

At 6:15 we gave up on getting them to wait, and headed out to see what Santa had brought. It's so fun seeing their favorite part! We had so much fun opening presents, took our time watching each other, and everyone was thrilled with everything, which was great. We ate breakfast with Nana, she took Addy home with her (thank you!) and we loaded up to head to the farm. And the story continues...

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