Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Programs

This has been a crazy week full of programs and parties! Hud's program was Thursday morning, Harrison's was Thursday night, we had the church staff party Thursday night, our Sunday School party last night...I'm tired, but it's been fun. :)

I wasn't able to get any good pictures from Harrison's program Thursday night. My camera doesn't have a good enough zoom, and the lighting is horrible in the auditorium at his school, but rest assured that he did a great job. They did a Christmas Down Under theme, and it was very cute. :) I will see if my sister or mom got any better ones, and will post those later.

I had been told by a couple of people at Hud's school that he had turned his music rehearsal on Tuesday into his personal karaoke bar, b/c he was loving the microphone. So funny. But on Thursday he got the stage fright, and decided with his friend Caden that they were NOT going to sing in front of all those people. He looked so sad (and so very cute at the same time) standing up there, that it took all I had not to run up there and rescue him. By the last song though, he was at least smiling again.

After it was over I told him how handsome he looked up there, and asked him why he didn't want to sing and he gave me two different stories: 1) "I didn't like all those people looking at me." (competely understood, I don't like that either), and 2) I wanted to sing a rock 'n roll song, NOT a Christmas song (I have not a clue where that came from, but it made me smile). :)

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